ATA Medical

  • AIR PURIFIER Multizone 800

    Multizone 800 is a mobile and compact device that disinfects and purifies risky environments. Its compact and elegant design adapts easily to the atmosphere of your professional space.

    A proven technology in the medical world at the service of your CSR policies

    • Prevents bacterial and viral contamination
    • Significantly reduces allergic and asthmatic reactions
    • Increases productivity and wellbeing at work

  • Isolated Transport Chamber

    The CTMP is a transport chamber that protects the patient or the external environment from any cross contamination that may occur during transport.


    The unit was developed in collaboration with the French Armed Forces and the Health Service. After two years of development supported by ANVAR and delivered to the French Armed Forces Health Service, the CTMP is now the only means of moving infectious patients in France.

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