• S-CUT QE Emergency Cutting tool- ARASCA

    S-CUT – A tool you can trust every time!

    S-CUT is an optimal tool or Emergency cutting tool when it comes for quickly removing clothes to start lifesaving measures. Compared with scissors and knives the S-CUT’s considerably shorten the time for cutting clothes in trauma situations cardiac arrests chemical accidents and hypothermia.

    • S-CUT is safe to use. Despite the extreme cutting ability there is no risk of cut injuries neither of patient or rescue staff.
    • Originally designed for emergency- ambulance- and rescue teams. S-CUT has now found a place within police- and military correctional- and decontamination personnel.

    The Cutting tool S-Cut has been specially developed for those who need to cut through different materials quickly and safely on many different types of occasion.
    The security principle of S-Cut builds on the patent pending technique that during several years has been used on corresponding tools intended to emergency rooms ambulances rescue teams and military defense in large parts of the world.

    All trauma patients cardiac arrest patients and critically ill patients require clothes to safely and quickly be removed for efficient triage and treatment. Patients with hypothermia sometimes with wet clothes must be handled with great care but still effectively. S-CUT makes it possible to remove clothing in a few seconds without risk to the patient. In the ambulance when a fast iv-cannula and/or vital parameters are required the whole sleeve is cut from the shoulder. The patient is not exposed to cold and continued treatment can be performed in the heated ambulance.


    • Length 18 cm
    • weight 106 g.

    Product Code: S-CUT QE

    AED 143.33 exc. VAT
  • Spencer Contour yellow / Black universal head immobilizer

    Item Number: SH00201

    The exclusive Spencer Contour head immobilizer has been studied to assure the optimum head immobilization of traumatised patients. If used in combination with a spine board and a rigid cervical collar, it enables the transportation of a patient in critical condition during long or uncomfortable journeys. A good fixation of the head also gives the rescuers the possibility to take more time to give extra care to the patient in a secure condition for the cervical tract. The exclusive form of the head immobilizer has been designed by rescue experts and has been tested on the road. This form physiologically supports the brain case, avoiding as much as possible further compression of the cranium and completing the immobilization of the rachis supplied by the cervical collar. Spencer Contour head immobilizer is composed of two mono blocks, made of a soft plastic material and a base with belts to fix to various kinds of stretchers.

    The two shells are positioned with a very resistant self-adherent strips fixation system on the purpose made base, which is fixed onto any type of spine board with the belts provided or by using the self-adherent strips system. Holes have been made inside the two shells, which allow the inspection of the aural pavilions, permitting the verification of any loss of blood or liquids. Moreover, the holes generously accommodate the aural pavilions, allowing the rescuers to communicate with the patient. A new system of moulding has allowed a shell without solution of continuity and with a considerable thickness of the protective film, which guarantees a long duration. The base can be used to fix two mono blocks for adult and paediatric patients, thanks to an additional cushion that can be removed. The material used for the production of the shell is impermeable and avoids the absorption of organic liquids (blood, vomit, mucous). It cannot be damaged by chemical substances or solvents, cannot be modified by physical agents and stays soft even when the temperature varies. It can be easily cleaned. The HP version is characterized by an advanced rigid base for spine board fixation and two straps with carabineer hook for patient fixation.
    AED 850.00 exc. VAT
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