• FASTT Sternal Intraosseous Device (Sterile)

    *Rigid Hard Tube Packaging: The small profile packaging means FASTTactical fits
    easily into your medical bag, while the rigid packaging protects the device from
    damage and maintains sterility.

    All-In-One Device – With No Batteries Required: FASTTactical is an all-in-one
    device, which means you don’t have to choose needles, worry about batteries, or
    mess around with different parts.

    Easy Sternal Site Location – The Sternum is the easiest and most reliable IO site
    to locate and place. The Humeral site is difficult to locate and it’s hard to keep
    devices in place during transport. The Tibia site gives poor flow rates as compared
    to Humeral and Sternal IO sites.

    No Drilling. No Needles. Simply Reliable and Easy to Use: The FASTTactical all-in-one
    IO is engineered for automatic depth control. This means you don’t need to guess
    which needle to use or worry about how much pressure to apply with your drill.

    Easy to Learn for All Levels of Medical Providers: FASTTactical was designed as an allin-one IO in order to be as easy to learn and fail-safe as possible. After insertion, you
    simply remove the device and your built-in IV connector is ready for you to connect
    your IV tube and rapidly deliver fluids and medication into the vascular system.

    Less Pain on Insertion and Fluid Delivery: Your patients will not only experience
    much less pain on insertion to the sternal site vs. the long bones, but will feel less
    pain with fluid delivery from the sternal site. In many cases, lidocaine is not required.

    Low Profile Tubing: FASTTactical features low profile tubing, which lies nearly
    flat against the patient. This eliminates many of the bumping hazards that could
    dislodge the IV, especially during transport.

    Clear Plastic Protective Dome for Added Security: Protect your IV even further with
    a plastic dome which fits securely over the insertion site.

  • Cook Intraosseous Infusion Needles – IN/093 -093A

    • IN/093 is by far our biggest selling i/o needle
    • Used as an alternative to intravenous access permitting infusion of drugs and fluids during pediatric emergencies
    • Supplied sterile in peel-open packages
    • Intended for one-time use
    • 45º Trocar tipc


    16g x 4cm (DKM Version) SINGLE

  • THOMAS Endotracheal Tube (ET) Holder – Paediatric

    “THOMAS Endotracheal Tube (ET) Holder – Paediatric

    • Designed to hold the ET tube in place after insertion into the trachea
    • Holds the ET tube in place with a quick-set screw that also facilitates easy removal without the bother and mess of tape
    • Open-cell foam padded backing allows the patient’s skin to breathe
    • Pliable bit block keeps the ET tube open
    • Tab ensures the strap is put on tangle free
    • Special velcro strap provides strength and comfort
    • Mouth access hole allows for in use suctioning
    • Single use only
    • Individually wrapped
    • Quantity discount available call for details

  • Tourniquet quick release buckle green

    Tourniquet – Quick Release Buckle
    Emergency blood loss prevention.
    Elasticated tourniquet.
    Quick release buckle.
    Contains Latex.

    Elasticated tourniquet with a quick release buckle. Single hand release.”

  • Tourniquet quick release buckle Red

    • Emergency blood loss prevention.
    • Elasticated tourniquet.
    • Quick release buckle.
    • Contains Latex.

  • Relitape Washproof Tape, 2.5 x 5m

    • Special low-allergy adhesive.
    • Suitable for sensitive skin.
    • Soft, flexible, and strong PVC.
    • Fix dressings, or immobilise joints.


    Durable tape for holding dressings and securing bandages. Made from waterproof PVC, cut to length. Available in Pink (flesh) and Blue which is suitable for all food areas. Perfect where water resistance is required.

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