• Airport (PRM) Kit

    Comprises the adult size sling, set of extension handles, as in the Evacuation kit, but the bag is fitted with loops and buckles to attach the bag to the aisle chair. We recommend the airport service provider should have one kit for each aisle chair

    AED 2,271.27 Price includes VAT

    Airport (PRM) Kit

    AED 2,271.27 Price includes VAT
  • Full Bariquin Mannequin (Obese-sized training Mannequin)

    A Bariquin is a bariatric training mannequin that weighs 25st/350lbs/159kgs yet can be carried by an individual (providing that it is not assembled). The Bariquin consists of 15 weighted parts, plus a jacket and head, hands, and feet. It has been designed to allow a single trainer to give instruction.
    • A Bariquin can be carried by one person (when not assembled)
    • Heaviest part weighs 16kg/35lb 4oz (that’s less than your flight suitcase)
    • A system of decals identifies where each section fits
    • Unique assembly allows for amputee scenarios
    • Assemble and disassemble in under 10 minutes
    • Handles on the heaviest parts
    • Recycled rubber filling ensures weight distribution is representative of a real person
    • Limbs designed to flex similar to those of a real person
    • Simple connectors used on each component allows quick, easy assembly

    AED 48,785.63 Price includes VAT
  • Isolated Transport Chamber

    The CTMP is a transport chamber that protects the patient or the external environment from any cross contamination that may occur during transport.


    The unit was developed in collaboration with the French Armed Forces and the Health Service. After two years of development supported by ANVAR and delivered to the French Armed Forces Health Service, the CTMP is now the only means of moving infectious patients in France.

    AED 79,380.00 Price includes VAT

    Isolated Transport Chamber

    AED 79,380.00 Price includes VAT
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