• Airport (PRM) Kit

    Comprises the adult size sling, set of extension handles, as in the Evacuation kit, but the bag is fitted with loops and buckles to attach the bag to the aisle chair. We recommend the airport service provider should have one kit for each aisle chair

    Airport (PRM) Kit

    AED 2,163.11
  • Bari-Kit

    Everything the Emergency Services specialist is likely to need for the first point of contact with the obese or bariatric patient/casualty.


    AED 8,103.38
  • Evacuation Kit

    Comprises the adult size standard sling, set of extension handles and grey carry bag. The sling is ideally suited to slip beneath a wheelchair user for transfer from wheelchair to an evac chair by 2 to 4 operatives, or to carry the person to a place of safety. Eight extension handles (loops of soft webbing) are simply attached to the sling handles to enable more than four people to share the load or to extend the reach of the back handles if moving someone down a flight of stairs.

    Evacuation Kit

    AED 2,072.70
  • Smart AED

    It consists of Philips FRx and the SmartLink monitoring solution.

    It’s not enough to just have an AED; it must be maintained. For a maintenance system that never takes a day off, look to SmartLink for your Phillips HeartStart FRx or OnSite AED.

    SmartLink is a revolutionary new system that remotely monitors the status of your AED. SmartLink is a simple, automatic monitoring system that keeps track of your AED. It’s reliable and requires no manpower to work.

    With SmartLink, you can ensure your Philips HeartStart OnSite and FRx AEDs are operational without visually checking of your device. SmartLink does the job for you, checking the status and alerting you if there is a problem.

    Smart AED has the below Special features,

    • No Need to check the AED manually
    • Checks the AED, Battery and pads automatically
    • Instantly sends SMS/email alerts when AED is not ready for use
    • Instantly triggers custom alerts(email/SMS) when AED motion is detected.
    • Does not need any external fixed power or network connection.

    Smart AED

    AED 10,473.75
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