• BRAYDEN Advanced Manikin (Red Illumination Lights)

    The ultimate purpose of performing CPR is to maintain a flow of oxygenated blood artificially into the brain during cardiac arrest, to prevent brain damage until professional help arrives. BRAYDEN is the first CPR Manikin ever to display visual flow of blood from the heart to the brain during CPR. Due to the BRAYDEN Advanced Manikin with Red Illumination Lights, students will not only easily learn how to execute proper and correct CPR, but will also help to remember the ultimate purpose and vital importance of correct and proper CPR.


    • BRAYDEN Advanced Manikin Red Illumination Lights has realistic head tilt and chin lift for opening airway
    • Highly realistic chest rise with correct ventilations
    • Oral and nasal passages allow realistic nose pinch
    • Anatomical landmarks including sternum, ribcage, sternal notch and xiphisternum
    • BRAYDEN Advanced Manikin Red Illumination Lights is quick and easy to clean
    • Audible feedback reinforces correct compression depth (Clicker ON/OFF)

    AED 2,222.64 Price includes VAT
  • Simulaids Instructors Professional JT Starter Package

    “This Simulaids Instructor’s Professional Starter Package is intended to give instructors the opportunity to replace older equipment or purchase start-up needs in the most economical way possible.

    • 2 x CPR Brad adult manikins
    • 1 x CPR Kyle child manikin
    • 1 x CPR Kim newborn manikin
    • 10 pack of adult child and newborn mouth/nose pieces
    • 24 pack of adult child and newborn airway systems
    • 100 latex free manikin face shields

    AED 15,280.65 Price includes VAT
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