• Pacific A7A Rescue & Paramedic Helmet With Green Ambulance Text

    “The Pacific A7A Rescue & Paramedic Helmet has become the benchmark in the ambulance and paramedic sector in the UK. The A7A helmet offers the most up-to-date and modern form of head protection in a very comfortable lightweight and wearable package.
    The A7A represents all the features an EMS professional would expect in a modern helmet. The large integral visor offers excellent peripheral vision with zero distortion.

    The EN166 visor is manufactured from tough scratch resistant polycarbonate and when not in use it slots neatly under the helmet protecting it from contamination and damage.
    A lightweight helmet ensures all users can concentrate on their job rather than neck ache. Use of composites also means that the helmets last and last. Tests prove helmets that have been in service for over 10 years still pass stringent EN443 testing.
    Kevlar reinforced fibreglass composite shell means safety can be delivered in a lightweight format
    Composite construction means that shells outlast thermoplastic helmets
    Very good balance giving wearer comfort to all types of user
    Polyurethane impact liner with ‘click clack’ cradle ribbons
    Merino headband offers enhanced comfort and natural antibacterial properties
    Ratchet dial size adjuster 52-64cm
    3-point chinstrap with Pacific SnapClip buckle
    Internal polycarbonate face shield
    NFPA 1951: 2007
    AS/NZS 1801: 1997
    CE Paramedic Standard
    EN 443”

  • NARP Hypothermia Prevention & Management Kit – HDMK

    “The NARP Hypothermia Prevention and Management Kit is designed to meet the extreme and specific needs of patient warming during combat casualty evacuation (CASEVAC). The high performance heat reflective shell has 360 degree access and closes to the under side for greater weather protection during standard and non-standard casualty evacuation. The kit also contains a self heating four cell shell liner designed to sustain continuous dry heat and a heat reflective skull cap. The kit is vacuum packed in a rugged pliable package with quick-rip tabs to allow easy access
    Special Features:
    Durable Packing to Protect Self Activating Heating Elements
    Vacuum Packed
    Heat to 106 Degrees Fahrenheit
    8 Hours of Continuous Heat
    Patent Pending
    7.5″” x 9.5″” x 3″”

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