• Dakota Light Steel basket stretcher

    “Spencer Dakota is a basket stretcher intended for recovery of patients where other devices would be difficult to use.
    Typical uses are recovery by ground hoisting fast recoveries and transfers that require side impact protection. This
    version is characterized by width less than the standard model.”

    AED 1,378.64AED 1,838.18

    Dakota Light Steel basket stretcher

    AED 1,378.64AED 1,838.18
  • STX 518:Two piece universal Buoyant

    STX 518: Universal Floatation System for basket Stretcher.

    Easy to apply. A must for water rescue and to assure patients in a vertical position. Made of high density polyethylene

    covered in SPEN-TEX or strong vinyl coated nylon material. The belts used for the fastening to the basket are made of

    non-rotting polypropylene attached with treble seaming to the material of the cover. The locking system and buckles are

    made of nylon 6 that guarantees performance and durability even in extreme weather and environmental conditions.

    Some flotation systems are characterized by a reflective band that improves safety and eases locating in conditions of low visibility.

    Specific features
    Fastened by means of 3 quick release buckles
    PVC removable coating for easier cleaning and drying
    Technical data
    One float size: ø150×1020 ±10 mm
    Buoyancy force
    couple of floats completely submerged: 300 N
    Materials: PE PVC Nylon
    Weight: 22 ± 01 kg


    AED 1,281.66AED 1,708.88

    STX 518:Two piece universal Buoyant

    AED 1,281.66AED 1,708.88
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