• Albac mat

    The AlbacMat Emergency Rescue Mat has been designed with Safety for both the rescuer and patient being of paramount importance.


    The AlbacMat is constructed from customised materials – including polypropylene board and a lightweight canvas material. These materials have been extensively tested in all types of situations (including strength, flame and heat conducted by CSIRO. The AlbacMat is manufactured to Australian Standards 2755 and has the CE mark (Class I).


    The polypropylene board acts as an insulator to the patient and absorbs any concussions incurred while in transit. It also enables the AlbacMat to ‘glide’ over all types of surfaces including carpet and vinyl as well as concrete bitumen and grass making it simple and easy for rescuers while being comfortable for the patient.


    Load Capacity: 360kg

    AED 1,378.13 Price includes VAT

    Albac mat

    AED 1,378.13 Price includes VAT
  • Retmex Comfort Model with PVC Handles

    The Comfort Model is designed to make it easier to effectively transfer patients both on and off stretchers.


    • The Comfort Model contains 12 handles and can be used by up to 6 people.
    • For hygiene reasons, the fabric is water resistant. It can easily be wiped off.
    • The foot sack creates extra stability when placing a victim onto the Rescue Sheet.
    • The PVC on the handles increases comfort for the rescuer.
    • The Comfort Model comes in a small portable bag. After removing the Rescue Sheet from the bag, you open it up so you can place a victim onto the Comfort Model.

    AED 687.96 Price includes VAT

    Retmex Comfort Model with PVC Handles

    AED 687.96 Price includes VAT
  • S-CAPEPLUS Basic Model

    The S-CAPEPLUS Evacuation Mattress allows you to safely evacuate an immobile person during an emergency.
    It’s incredibly simple to use, which makes this S-CAPEPLUS an effective rescue tool for responders.


    • Leave no one behind during an emergency. This evacuation aid can be used by anyone, it’s fast-in-use.
    • This evacuation mattress can be described in four words: Inexpensive. Simple. Fast. Comfortable.
    • The Evacuation Mat is lightweight and easy to slides and features strong handles.
    • A person is securely wrapped on the mattress using flaps.
    • Thanks to the smooth materials, it glides easily on different floors.
    • The Mat also has a bright and yellow lining, making it easy for emergency responders to spot and identify in an emergency.
    • With the Evacuation Mat, those with reduced mobility can rest easy knowing that they will be safely transported without being left behind in an emergency.
    • Not suitable for steel stairs with perforated treads (tip: S-CAPEPLUS Premium Model is suitable for this kind of stairs).

    Complete size details:
    • Weight of evacuation mattress: 5.5 kg
    • Maximum carrying capacity: 200 kg
    • Size evacuation mattress: 210×60 cm
    • Size evacuation mattress flaps open: 190×285 cm
    • Thickness of evacuation mattress: 7 cm

    This product comes without wall cover.

    AED 2,476.66 Price includes VAT

    S-CAPEPLUS Basic Model

    AED 2,476.66 Price includes VAT
  • S-CAPEPOD Evacuation Sheet – Standard Model

    Dealing with bedridden patients in emergencies can be extremely stressful.
    The S-CAPEPOD Evacuation Sheet Standard Model helps evacuate bedridden people in emergencies.
    It is a simple-to-deploy evacuation device, stored below the bed mattress; when it is required it can be simply unfolded and fitted around the person laid on the bed mattress.
    The S-CAPEPOD uses a unique closing system, which hasn’t been used before on an evacuation sheet.
    This closing systems will allow you to carry small medical equipment / oxygen bottles on the way out.


    • Anti Bacterial
    • Unique Packing System
    • Patented Technology

    AED 846.72 Price includes VAT

    S-CAPEPOD Evacuation Sheet – Standard Model

    AED 846.72 Price includes VAT
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