• OxyPack 1 for 5 L tank Yellow

    “Oxygen tank carrier design for transport of 5 liters oxygen tanks.

    Oxypack is made in tear proof nylon Ripstop 600 D or easily washable SPEN-TEX. The compartment which contains the tank has an expansive closed cell padding and a robust zipper closure to ensure good protection should the tank itself receive any knocks. On the side of the tank holder a bag has been attached (also with a zipper closure) dedicated to the accessories for the administration of oxygen and a manual resuscitator. The patients undergoing oxygen therapy can be directly connected to the outlet of the pressure regulator which is found on the tank through an anti-crush PVC tube thanks to an opening which connects the tank compartment to the accessory holder. This way during use it will be sufficient to keep the accessory holder open so that greater protection for both the tank and the adaptor is ensured. To facilitate transport Oxypack is equipped with an adjustable shoulder strap. Available for oxygen tanks of 2 and 5 L. The Oxypack 2 L is also available in the version that has a harness for attachment to the edge of the stretcher.

    Specific features
    Easy to clean PVC sheet
    Adjustable shoulder strap to allow easy transport
    Hole between the two compartments to allow access to a
    flowmeter that could be connected to the oxygen tank
    Front pocket with zip closure to store accessories used for
    oxygen administration
    Padded main compartment to protect the content and to
    allow a more comfortable transportation”

    AED 158.76AED 211.68

    OxyPack 1 for 5 L tank Yellow

    AED 158.76AED 211.68
  • CD/HX cylinder system

    “Demand valve and 3 metre hose with BS probe.

    Includes full instructions adjustable inflation mask (disposable – small adult size 4) and 3 mouth pieces.”

    CD/HX cylinder system

    AED 2,790.87
  • D/F Cylinder System

    “Pin index regulator and demand valve with 3 metre hose.
    Includes full instructions adjustable inflation mask (disposable – small adult size 4) and 3 mouth pieces.”

    D/F Cylinder System

    AED 4,828.95
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