• Blue Bag 2-Professional bag Spencer Dim: 390x210xh340mm -+10mm

    “Professional bag particularly suitable to store the main devices commonly used for measurement of vital signs.
    Specific features
    Frontal pocket with zip closure
    Two side pockets with zip closure
    Top pocket with zip closure
    Main compartment with zip closure and equipped with:
    – 5 internal bags of different colors with zip closure and transparent
    – Pocket with zip closure on the internal side of the frontal flap
    – Internal separator characterized by a side made of tissue for the
    fixing of the internal bags on the opposite side there are 3
    transparent compartments with zip closure to store additional
    The main compartment is padded to provide protection to the
    Pocket on the back with strap closure
    Maximum portability thanks to the handles and detachable shoulder
    Reflective inserts to increase visibility
    Technical data
    Dimensions 390x210x340 10mm
    Volume 20 05 l
    Shoulder strap lenght From 65 to 100cm
    N of bags 5
    Bags color Green orange red yellow blue
    Materials Nylon PVC
    Weight 1020 20g

    AED 186.05AED 248.06

    “This blanket can be used as protection for rescue workers entering or leaving a fire area. It can also be used to
    extinguish flames on a burn victim and if necessary be used as a large dressing providing instant pain relief and
    beginning the healing process while victims are being transported to emergency care units”

  • Cross chair convertible stretcher with Mattress

    Item Number: CR00080

    Cross Chair is a device that adopts innovative solutions for the transport of patients to be used in rescue operations on road and ambulances. The device can be used in chair or stretcher configuration adapting to wider rescue scenarios. To reach more versatility and safety there is a dedicated trolley to allow the use on ambulances and make transport easier. 1 CM:Chair mode – SM: Stretcher mode Specific Characteristics Configuration change takes less than 2 seconds 4-segment PVC Mattress with removable cover Polyethylene board easy to clean Backrest adjustable in 5 positions Telescopic handles Auto positioning rear handles Suitable for use with Cross Chair Trolley Light and robust The side bars Safe bar contain the patient also in Chair configuration Wheels ø150 mm to increase sliding action Trendelenburg antishock position Swiveling front ø75 mm wheels with brakes that lock rolling and axis rotation make transport in chair position easier Technical data 1 Height(CM) 1430 mm Width (CM/SM) 600 mm Depth with all handles closed(CM) 1000 mm Depth with all handles opened (CM) 1365 mm Length with handles closed (SM) 1970 mm Lenght with handles opened (SM) 2235 mm Side bar dimensions 600×200 mm Weight(With mattress) 295 ± 05 kg Loading capacity 150 kg Class I Med.Device according to Dir. 93/42/CEE CROSS CHAIR STRETCHER/CHAIR YELLOW/B CR00080C CND Classification V0899 Standard equipment ST70002A Black belt 2 pcsmetal bucklereflex ST43014 Cross Chair mattress Accessories IF01043B IV holder TRACK 4 CR00081 Cross Chair trolley ST00497B DNA strap belt w/integrated re-winding system ST00498B DNA strap thoracic belt w/re-winding system ST00499B STX499 – Thorax belts Mandatory for 10G versions CB09028 C Supporto fiss. tanker per Safe Bar”

    AED 10,418.63AED 13,891.50
  • Cross chair trolley

    Item Number: CR00081

    Trolley designed to be used with the Stretcher/Chair Cross Chair for easier handling loading and fixing inside ambulances. It must be used with the dedicated Spencer fixing systems . Specific Characteristics Robust stainless steel frame Wheels ø200 to increase sliding action Parking brakes on rear wheels Possibility to place in intermediate height to facilitate loading of Cross Chair Cross Chair fixing system easy to operate Technical data Lenght 1980 ± 10 mm Width 570 ± 5 mm Sliding profile height (Raised trolley) 850/900 mm Sliding profile height (Trolley in intermediate height) 600/680 mm Sliding profile height (Lowered trolley) 280 mm Wheels ø 200 mm Weight 355 ± 05 kg Loading capacity1 150 kg 1 Considering patient weight equipment and accessories Class I Med.Device according to Dir. 93/42/CEE CROSS CHAIR TROLLEY CR00081C CND Classification V0899 Accesories CR00080C Cross Chair Stretcher/Chair ST42100A Posterior fastner (FP) ST42200A Anterior fastner (FA)”

    AED 9,525.60AED 12,700.80

    Cross chair trolley

    AED 9,525.60AED 12,700.80
  • Crossover 10g Self Loading stretcher

    Spencer Crossover is a self-loading stretcher with adjustable heights for patient transport. It is a compact and light stretcher usable in rescue operations on streets and rescue vehicles. The legs fold away independently activating the dedicated commands during the unloading procedure they open automatically. The loading carriage can be folded to make movement in confined spaces easier. Crossover is characterized by higher loading capacity than a standard Cross. Standard setting comes withPVC anatomic Mattress QMX/777 together with STX 702 two pieces black reflex metal belts.


    Specific Characteristics:

    • Polyethylene board easy to clean
    • Color coded commands
    • Adjustable backrest
    • Antishock positions Trendelenburg
    • Extreme maneuverability thanks to the Twist system which when operated makes pivoting also the front wheels
    • Brakes on rear wheels
    • Foldable side bars for patient safety
    • Adjustable heights system
    • Foldable loading carriage
    AED 11,245.50AED 14,994.00

    Crossover 10g Self Loading stretcher

    AED 11,245.50AED 14,994.00
  • Empty personal protection pouch with key ring

    “Keep your protection kit on you at all times this tiny pouch fits on any belt

    Dimensions 15 x 10.5 cm (closed) 16 x 15 cm (flat open)”

  • End-T Table for stretcher from Spencer

    Item Number: EN90003 C

    Laptop table for instruments and tools to be mounted on the frame of Spencer stretchers Cross Carrera and Enduro. The table can be used to support monitors defibrillators and accessories.”

    AED 2,016.75AED 2,689.00

    End-T Table for stretcher from Spencer

    AED 2,016.75AED 2,689.00
  • Entonox kit CD cylinder kit

    “These St John Ambulance exclusive Entonox kits contains all the necessary components for simple and effective Entonox® delivery. They are supplied in a sturdy blue barrel bag keeping the contents well protected whilst on the move.

    The contents have been carefully selected based on the demand of our customers. However should you require extra equipment there is ample storage space in the bag.

    Supplied with the following:
    1 x Blue barrel bag
    1 x Entonox reflective badge
    1 x EASE demand valve
    1 x 3m hose
    1 x BS probe
    1 x Adjustable disposable inflation mask – small adult size 4
    2 x Pair nitrile powder-free disposable gloves – medium
    2 x Pair nitrile powder-free disposable gloves – large.
    (Cylinder is not included in kit – available to purchase from BOC Medical – call 0800 111 333)”

  • Evac-S hand held single use suction device

    “A single use hand held portable suction device designed to provide quick and effective suction in emergency situations.

    The EVAC-S single use suction device is a lightweight state of the art high vacuum portable emergency device which can be powered with one hand operation leaving the other hand free for different tasks. This unit was designed to provide efficient operation and ease of use.


    Designed to provide quick and effective suction in emergency situations

    High vacuum powered by one-hand operation leaving the other hand free for different tasks

    Designed to provide efficient operation and ease of use


    Single use

    Contains suction catheter pump handle collection jar and cap connection port”

  • Face shield keyring sjas branded

    A St John Ambulance face shield contained in a quality fabric keyring featuring the St John Ambulance logo.

    Carry it with you to ensure that you are always protected.
    Spare face shields available to purchase separately.

  • Finger extension dressings – waterproof detectable blue colour

    “Blue detectable extension plasters.

    Pack of 50

    deal for the kitchen catering and for those working with food
    St John Ambulance branded
    Visually detectable
    Electromagnetically detectable
    Low allergy adhesive
    Designed not to stick to the wound site
    Highly absorbent
    Each plaster measures 2 x 12cm a longer length plaster for extra security
    Each dressing is sterile and individually wrapped.”

  • Lienz Krone empty Aluminium case for Resuscitation equipment

    Hard shell case for housing and transport devices generally used in resuscitation procedures.
    Specific Characteristics
    Extremely robust metal structure
    Wide handle for easy transport
    Metal support feet
    Rounded corner protectors made of chromed steel
    Rapid closure system with lock
    180 opening to maximize access to content
    Mobile internal divisors
    Thermo-formed compartments to store accessories one of
    which is foldable
    Dedicated compartments for oxygen tank and manual
    The transparent separator is fixed by magnet allows easy
    view of the content and keeps it ordered
    2 strap belt to fix an oxygen tank (max 2 L without ring nut)
    3 rings for the attachment of the supplied straps allow to
    carry the case as a backpack
    Equipped with phial holder
    Technical data
    External dimensions 530x385x230 5 mm
    Materials AL Steel PE
    Weight 65 01 kg

    AED 1,991.12AED 2,654.82
  • OB12 Suction Unit; Weight:4.9 Kg

    “Aspirator with reusable 1000cc autoclavable jar – white
    These modern compact medical suction units feature:

    Silent powerful double piston motor providing a discreet yet efficient means for responders to clear blocked airways.
    Air Flow: 30lt min. Adjustable suction 0 > 800 mbar (80 kPa) which is clearly displayed on the analogue gauge on the front of the unit
    45 minutes autonomy
    The ABS case is shock resistant
    Supplied complete with a 12 volt power lead the electronic circuit allows direct operation through 12 VDC vehicle power sources and total recharging of the internal battery from any 12 volt power source or any 220 VAC with suitable battery charger
    3 year warrantyCE 0434 Certified
    Dimensions: 35 x 10 x 24.5cm
    Weight: 4.9kg.”

  • OxyPack 2 for 2 L orange

    “Oxygen tank carrier design for transport of 2 liters oxygen tanks.

    Specific features
    Easy to clean PVC sheet
    Adjustable shoulder strap to allow easy transport
    Hole between the two compartments to allow
    access to a flowmeter that could be connected to
    the oxygen tank
    Front pocket with zip closure to store accessories
    used for oxygen administration
    Padded main compartment to protect the content
    and to allow a more comfortable transportation
    Technical data
    Dimensions 150x290x500 10 mm
    Pocket dimensions 370x100x130 10 mm
    Shoulder strap length From 60 to 120 2 cm
    Loading capacity 6 Kg
    Weight 490 10 g

    AED 103.36AED 137.81

    OxyPack 2 for 2 L orange

    AED 103.36AED 137.81
  • Personal Protection kit

    “Keep your protection kit on you at all times. This tiny pouch which fits on any belt comes complete with a Revive Aid nitrile gloves and cleansing wipes.

    10 x 10 x 5cm”

  • Pro B-Life – Pvc Adult Res. W/Overp.Rese.Cufff.Mask

    “Disposable self inflating manual resuscitator for mechanical ventilation of trauma patients or with
    breathing difficulties.”

    AED 111.63AED 148.84

    Item Number: 7515

    A tried and trusted design used as a staple item by Emergency Services and Rescue Organisations for many years. Its main function apart from transporting the injured to safety is to do so in such a way that protects the spine where an accident is suspected of causing damage. Instead of a flat plain bed the stretcher incorporates a frame of hinged panels. In their unlocked position each panel is capable of being swivelled (rather like a cellar trapdoor). Without disturbance to the patient’s position the stretcher can be manoeuvred in such a way that allows each of these panels or flaps to slide underneath the body. Once in its final position all the plates are locked into place and the patient can be safely moved. Instead of being lifted onto a traditional stretcher. One vital feature is the way the stretcher maximises patient immobilisation during transit. Such details can actually make the difference between recovery and permanent spinal damage. Another important feature of the Relequip 2-Piece Rescue Stretcher is that when locked in place the panels that form the bed leave a narrow gap that runs the full length of the stretcher. This allows Emergency Staff to carry out Spinal X-Ray without moving the patient.”


    Item Number: 7501

    The Relequip stretcher is a duo-fold design allowing a normally bulky item to require minimum storage space when not in use. The stretcher folds both horizontally and vertically into the compact dimensions shown below. The frame manufactured from aluminium is both strong yet lightweight. The stretcher bed is produced from a tough PVA material that is resistant to fluid and is extremely easy to clean. Once locked open the frame ensures the patient is kept clear of the ground. A stretcher is considered a basic item in any first aid room and is listed as a desirable and essential item by the HSE. (carry bag and straps are included.)”


    “Reservoir bag to be used for oxygen enrichment with manual resuscitators.
    Specific Characteristics
    Light and thin
    Suitable for adult and pediatric uses
    Latex Free”

    AED 33.08AED 44.10


    AED 33.08AED 44.10
  • Revive aid resuscitation face shield

    “Great value
    Sturdy one-way valve
    Individually wrapped
    CE marked
    St John Ambulance branded.”

  • S-CUT

    S-CUT – A tool you can trust every time!


    S-CUT is an all purpose shear and emergency cutting tool that can quickly remove clothes, boots, seat belt straps, and other tough materials to start lifesaving measures. Compared with scissors and knives the S-CUT’s ensures safety of the user and the patient despite its extreme cutting ability and speed.


    • Originally designed for emergency- ambulance- and rescue teams. S-CUT has now found a place within police- and military correctional- and decontamination personnel
    • Replaces scissors and knives in many ocassions
    • Unlike other cutting tools, its design ensures no risk of tearing the users skin or the patient’s skin
    • Cuts faster with just one glide



    Length: 18 cm
    Weight: 106 g


    AED 143.33
  • SJA fabric plasters 3.8×3.8cm pk 100

    “St John Ambulance adhesive dressings
    High quality stretch plasters. Available in various shapes and sizes. Each dressing is sterile and individually wrapped.

    Standard flesh
    Pack of 100
    3.8 x 3.8cm
    Expires 03-2012.”

  • SJA fabric plasters assorted pk 100

    “High quality stretch plasters. Available in various shapes and sizes. Each dressing is sterile and individually wrapped.

    Standard flesh
    Pack of 100
    Contains some latex

    20 x 2.2 x 3.8cm plasters
    30 x 2.5 x 7.2cm plasters
    20 x 3.8 x 3.8cm plasters
    10 x 5 x 7.2cm plasters
    10 x Knuckle plasters
    10 x Fingertip plasters”

  • SJA Face Shield pk10

    New SJS brand face shield. The large plastic sheet and breathing filter ensure that no contact is made with a casualty’s face or fluids. Pack 10

  • SJA Face Shield pk100

    • 100 large plastic sheets with liquid-repellent breathing filters
    • Provides added safety when mouth-to-mouth contact is needed during CPR
    • Ensures no contact is made with the patient’s face or fluids
    • Ideal for first aid kits
    • Individually wrapped – easy to carry and always available for use.

  • SJA Resuscitation Face Shield

    The large plastic sheet and breathing filter ensure that no contact is made with a casualty’s face or fluids.

  • Spencer 200 Foldable emergency stretcher with wheels, Orange

    Item Number: ST30200 A

    The structural and functional characteristics of Spencer 200 make it optimal .for use as a secondary stretcher or in situations when storage space is limited Complete with two quick-release orange restraints • Reflective mark to increase nocturnal visibility”

    AED 1,132.82AED 1,510.43
  • Spencer Pro-Skid E Evacuation and Transport Chair

    Pro Skid-E is an evacuation chair, that is a chair that allows a single person, without effort or technical training, to carry another one up or down a staircase (two people are required to go up). The most important innovation is the use of passive slides which allows the chair to glide over the staircase with a high standard of safety and without requiring any effort.


    • PVC Sheet easy to clean
    • Slide allow easy movement and control going down and upstairs
    • Telescopic front handles make handling easier
    • Footrest for patient comfort and firm position
    • Front wheels pivoting with brake
    • Large diameter rear wheels increase sliding action
    • Headrest sheet is movable making the device suitable for patient of different heights



    • Dust Cover
    • Wall Bracket
    • CD
  • Spencer Shell Orange Basket Stretcher

    Item Number: ST04000 A/ F76025

    The Spencer basket stretcher Shell has been studied to confront the most difficult of emergency situations. It is ideal for rescue operations in mines at altitude and in water. Thanks to its robust form resistance and flexibility of use it is indispensable anytime that a reliable and safe stretcher is needed. A revolutionary technique has been used in its realization which ensures uniform thickness of the entire length of the stretcher. The shell is in high-density polyethylene and is joined to an aluminum framework that aims to consolidate its strength. The handles for transport which are part of the structure itself are placed along the entire perimeter. Inside the shell there is a removable mattress applied with Velcro® made in closed-cell EPDM which makes it impermeable to both blood and water. The use of high-density polyethylene for this shell guarantees not only that it is shatterproof but also an exceptional .sanitization. The Spencer Shell can hold a spine board Comes with nylon rope along entire perimeter • three 50 mm nylon belts with quick-release buckles • water resistant closed-cell mattress • footrest in pre-formed polyethylene with position regulator”

  • St John Ambulance rescue mask with 02 inlet – Pocket Mask

    “The Res-Cue mask has been designed to provide protection for the rescuer when manually resuscitating patients.
    Transparent dome allows the rescuer to visually check patients lip colour and to check for vomitus
    May be used on any patient of any age group
    Can be used with a resuscitator
    Reusable – easy to clean
    The mask is supplied in a green plastic case with carry strap
    Fits into U14256 pouch
    Includes O2 inlet valve
    St John Ambulance branded.”

  • Student Training Dressing Pack

    This St John Ambulance training pack contains all the essential dressings required for a first aid training course.


    Supplied in a plastic bag.


    1 x Triangular bandage
    1 x Training dressing
    1 x Pair of nitrile gloves – medium.

  • Support for 2013 sidebars fixation for tanker

    “Tanker support bracket dedicated to use with Safe Bar bars.

    Specific characteristics
    Rugged and simple polyethylene body
    Easy to install
    The baton can still easily insert the i
    feet in the holes and acting on the system
    push-button lock.
    Technical data
    Dimensions 350x165x100 5 mm
    PE materials Nylon Steel
    Weight 580 10g
    Class D DM according to Directive 93-42 – EEC
    CND classification”

    AED 74.42AED 99.23
  • Track 4-30 Telescopic IV Pole for Stretcher

    TRACK 4 Telescopic IV pole for Spencer Stretchers Cross/Carrera/Enduro/Alto/Ella is a strong and practical aluminium IV pole easy to fix For all models of stretcher except the Ella the IV pole is secured to the frame of the .stretcher. For the Ella it is attached to the arm rails .Just one movement is sufficient to position it correctly and to find the correct height At the end of the pole there are two strong hooks in nylon to which two bags or bottles of .IV infusion liquid can be attached An elastic wrap round system in Velcro ® is supplied to fix the bags or bottles to the pole so that they do not rock.

  • Yellow face shiled key ring

    Laerdal Resusci face shield in a yellow fabric keyring.

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