Body Fluid and Sharps Disposal Spill Kit

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“This kit contains everything you will need for the safe and easy removal of sharp objects and fluid spills. Hazardous objects like needles syringes and blades are quickly and safely disposed of using the sharps disposal kit whilst specialist materials are included to safely clean away body fluids. Reduces the risk of cross infection/contamination and meets current Health & Safety requirements.Effectively aids the containment removal disinfection and disposal of body fluid spills. Includes unique single use sharps disposal unit which conforms to BSI 7320 and UN 3HI Y S98 and aids the isolation of sharp objects.Packed in sturdy yellow box

Kit contents:

1 x Disinfectant trigger spray 500ml
1 x Superabsorbent powder
7 x Pair vinyl glovea
5 x Pair polythene oversleeves
5 x Disposable aprons
5 x Scoops and scrapers
7 x Biohazard bags
10 x Non-woven wipes
7 x Disinfectant wipes
2 x Disposable Units
2 x Forceps.”

Body Fluid and Sharps Disposal Kit (Contains: 1 x Disinfectant trigger spray 500 ml; 1 x Superabsorbent powder; 7 x pair vinyl gloves; 5 x pair polythene oversleeves; 5 x disposable aprons; 5 x scoops and scrapers; 7 x biohazard bags; 10 x non-woven wipes; 7 x disinfectant wipes; 2 x disposable units; 2 x forceps)

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Body Fluid and Sharps Disposal Spill Kit

AED 569.31

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