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Brayden Baby Pro is based upon the award-winning Brayden Baby Advanced which was developed in close co-operation with Global Experts.


The main features of Brayden Baby Pro:
• Provides unique intuitive real-time ventilation feedback using lights and sound.
• Brayden Baby Pro also provides additional real-time feedback via Brayden Online.
• Correct chest compression technique (depth, rate, recoil and finger/thumb position) using lights on the manikin.
• Easy to use and intuitive debrief of infant BLS performance provided via Brayden Online.
• + and – allows ventilation feedback to be audio and/or lights.
• Scenario button switches on brachial pulse. The brachial pulse function can be used for infant BLS scenarios when required.

Your Immediate Solution to Social Distancing for CPR Training.

Brayden Baby Pro joins Brayden Pro (adult) working with Brayden Online Standard.

Brayden ONLINE is based on an iOS Application and uses a cloud server platform.

With Brayden ONLINE, comprehensive objective/numeric information is provided and enables all relevant infant CPR parameters to be assessed. Additionally, it allows good quality CPR training is without an instructor, and provides consistent and reliable evaluation and performance scoring.

Brayden Baby Pro, working with Brayden Online, allows multiple Practice and Assessment options. These cater for the AHA infant BLS algorithm (30:2) as well as the ERC infant BLS algorithm (5 rescue breaths, 15:2).

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AED 7,980.00

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