Cross chair convertible stretcher with Mattress

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Item Number: CR00080

Cross Chair is a device that adopts innovative solutions for the transport of patients to be used in rescue operations on road and ambulances. The device can be used in chair or stretcher configuration adapting to wider rescue scenarios. To reach more versatility and safety there is a dedicated trolley to allow the use on ambulances and make transport easier. 1 CM:Chair mode – SM: Stretcher mode Specific Characteristics Configuration change takes less than 2 seconds 4-segment PVC Mattress with removable cover Polyethylene board easy to clean Backrest adjustable in 5 positions Telescopic handles Auto positioning rear handles Suitable for use with Cross Chair Trolley Light and robust The side bars Safe bar contain the patient also in Chair configuration Wheels ø150 mm to increase sliding action Trendelenburg antishock position Swiveling front ø75 mm wheels with brakes that lock rolling and axis rotation make transport in chair position easier Technical data 1 Height(CM) 1430 mm Width (CM/SM) 600 mm Depth with all handles closed(CM) 1000 mm Depth with all handles opened (CM) 1365 mm Length with handles closed (SM) 1970 mm Lenght with handles opened (SM) 2235 mm Side bar dimensions 600×200 mm Weight(With mattress) 295 ± 05 kg Loading capacity 150 kg Class I Med.Device according to Dir. 93/42/CEE CROSS CHAIR STRETCHER/CHAIR YELLOW/B CR00080C CND Classification V0899 Standard equipment ST70002A Black belt 2 pcsmetal bucklereflex ST43014 Cross Chair mattress Accessories IF01043B IV holder TRACK 4 CR00081 Cross Chair trolley ST00497B DNA strap belt w/integrated re-winding system ST00498B DNA strap thoracic belt w/re-winding system ST00499B STX499 – Thorax belts Mandatory for 10G versions CB09028 C Supporto fiss. tanker per Safe Bar”

CROSS CHAIR – Stretcher/Chair
Technical data:
Loading capacity 150 kg
Make: Spencer Italy

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Cross chair convertible stretcher with Mattress

AED 13,891.50

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