DGX 02 Disposable laryngeal mask Size 4

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  • Major comfort for patient
  • Non-Traumatic
  • It does not cause laryngeal spasm
  • Introducing does not require miorisolution
  • Introducing does not require laryngoscopy
  • Avoids vocal chord irritation
  • Access of the airways is guaranteed until complete return of reflections

A must for difficult intubations




The choice of the size is made by a person’s weight, if there is any uncertainty between two sizes then choose a bigger cuff size rather than smaller so there will be less air volume.

Usually size 4 is suitable for women and size 5 for men. To avoid damage due to bad positioning, we recommend to limit the inside cuff pressure under 60 cm H2 O.

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DGX 02 Size 4 : Disposable Laryngeal mask from Spencer .

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DGX 02 Disposable laryngeal mask Size 4

AED 55.13

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