Flamor EL2000 Stretcher Carrier

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Flamor EL2000 Stretcher Carrier is a useful tool for easy evacuation in most situation, and it is key to enable an effective evacuation chain in a large accident or mass casualty incident.

  • The carrier can be operated by one or two rescue personnel. This stretcher carrier is part of LESS System Solutions for mass casualty incident preparedness.
  • Flamor EL2000 Stretcher Carrier is also ideal for stadium and event preparedness. Large wheels for improved access in terrain, and for best possible patient stability.
  • Flamor EL2000 Stretcher Carrier comes with a flexible fixation to accommodate LESS Emergency Stretchers (serie 3001 and 4001) as well as other models, army stretcher, NATO-stretcher (STANAG 2040) and backboards.

Lenght open/folded: 145,5 cm / 52 cm
Width open/folded: 62 cm / 62 cm
Height open/folded: 86 cm / 84 cm

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Flamor EL2000 Stretcher Carrier

Flamor EL2000 Stretcher Carrier