S-CUT QE Emergency Cutting tool- ARASCA

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S-CUT – A tool you can trust every time!

S-CUT is an all purpose shear and emergency cutting tool that can quickly remove clothes, boots, seat belt straps, and other tough materials to start lifesaving measures. Compared with scissors and knives the S-CUT’s ensures safety of the user and the patient despite its extreme cutting ability and speed.

  • Originally designed for emergency- ambulance- and rescue teams. S-CUT has now found a place within police- and military correctional- and decontamination personnel
  • Replaces scissors and knives in many ocassions
  • Unlike other cutting tools, its design ensures no risk of tearing the users skin or the patient’s skin
  • Cuts faster with just one glide

Length: 18 cm
Weight: 106 g

The security principle of S-Cut builds on the patent pending technique that during several years has been used on corresponding tools intended to emergency rooms ambulances rescue teams and military defense in large parts of the world.

All trauma patients cardiac arrest patients and critically ill patients require clothes to safely and quickly be removed for efficient triage and treatment. Patients with hypothermia sometimes with wet clothes must be handled with great care but still effectively. S-CUT makes it possible to remove clothing in a few seconds without risk to the patient. In the ambulance when a fast iv-cannula and/or vital parameters are required the whole sleeve is cut from the shoulder. The patient is not exposed to cold and continued treatment can be performed in the heated ambulance.

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S-CUT QE Emergency Cutting tool- ARASCA

AED 148.84 Price includes VAT

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