Spencer 458 – Foldable transport chair

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Spencer 458 – Foldable transport chair


The choice of special alloys and the philosophy of construction unite to give the Profile Series its unbeatable characteristics of resistance

manoeuvrability and duration. A harmonic and essential design compact and light in structure united with easy use make these chairs ideal

instruments and indispensable in emergency situations be they in the hospital field or outside the hospital field. In order to improve transport

two different handle heights are available in the posterior part. The anterior handles are telescopic and the distal parts can be folded to minimize

the clutter of storage. The rolling and rotating parts are made of nylon to guarantee effectiveness precision and duration. The handles and upper

gripping areas are made of synthetic rubber gel to optimize comfort. The seat and the backrest are made of robust nylon covered in vinyl easily

washed and simple to replace.


As the latest arrival in the Profile Series the Spencer 458 Chair adopts new technical solutions that guarantee its easy and intuitive use.

The centralized brake on the rear wheels the revised opening and closing system reduced size and weight are the strength of this model.

Spencer 458 is equipped with four wheels of which the front are pivoting and a comfortable footrest for the patient. Complies with EN 1865-1

and EN 1789 with standards if fastened with C-Max hook. Spencer 458 Chair comes with two 50 mm polypropylene belts.


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Spencer 458 - Foldable transport chair

AED 5,760.56

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