XtractSR 2-1-2 Complete

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The Xtract-SR 2-1-2 Complete is a tactical rescue solution for evacuating casualties safely, efficiently, and carrying your medical supplies. This complete kit gives the operator a modular approach for the movement of a casualty from a hostile environment. This approach minimizes weight and cube and allows for operational flexibility.


Kit Includes:
1 x Xtract SR with Base fitted
1 x pair of Xstraps
1 x Backpack with 2-1-2 pouch configuration

Xtract™SR Stretcher provides solutions to avoid secondary injuries and compromised life-saving treatments during point-of-wounding rescue.

The size and the weight of the Xtract™SR Stretcher allows it to be carried by combat troops and rescuers, making it immediately available. Its patented design cocoons casualties, protects treatment and minimises movement. These features improve the outcome prospects of a casualty.

Strength and durability are at the core of the design of the Xtract™SR Stretcher. Duralite fabric creates a lightweight, immensely strong and durable solution that copes with any operational environment.

The Xtract™SR Stretcher is a modular system that can be scaled to your mission requirements. Whatever the obstacles, the Xtract™SR Stretcher provides a solution.

The Xtract™SR Stretcher’s dimension is 2700 x 1100mm



The Xtract™SR XStraps are a utility tool designed to assist an evacuation. They can be attached at different points to the Xtract™SR Stretcher and used in a drag evacuation. They can be utilised to provide a hands-free lift. The addition of the Xtract™SR XStraps significantly increases the options available to rescuers for optimal evacuations.

Xtract™SR XStraps weigh 0.24kg.



The Xtract™SR Base is a detachable insulated component, designed to protect the casualty from hypothermia and improve comfort. It is ideal for evacuations that could include a drag or prolonged field care.

It comes fitted to your Xtract™SR Stretcher in this kit.

Xtract™SR Base weighs 1.54 kg. with a dimension of 2210 x 550mm

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XtractSR 2-1-2 Complete

AED 8,903.79

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