• 25 Watt Megaphone

    • 25 Watt Megaphone with an audible range of 1.0km
    • Made from strong ABS with a rubber edge protector
    • High quality anti feedback detachable microphone
    • Comfortable shoulder strap
    • Push to talk and rotary volume control
    • Switchable siren
    • Powered by 8 D cell batteries

    AED 955.50
  • Airport (PRM) Kit

    Comprises the adult size sling, set of extension handles, as in the Evacuation kit, but the bag is fitted with loops and buckles to attach the bag to the aisle chair. We recommend the airport service provider should have one kit for each aisle chair

    AED 2,163.11

    Airport (PRM) Kit

    AED 2,163.11
  • Albac mat

    The AlbacMat Emergency Rescue Mat has been designed with Safety for both the rescuer and patient being of paramount importance.


    The AlbacMat is constructed from customised materials – including polypropylene board and a lightweight canvas material. These materials have been extensively tested in all types of situations (including strength, flame and heat conducted by CSIRO. The AlbacMat is manufactured to Australian Standards 2755 and has the CE mark (Class I).


    The polypropylene board acts as an insulator to the patient and absorbs any concussions incurred while in transit. It also enables the AlbacMat to ‘glide’ over all types of surfaces including carpet and vinyl as well as concrete bitumen and grass making it simple and easy for rescuers while being comfortable for the patient.


    Load Capacity: 360kg

    AED 997.50

    Albac mat

    AED 997.50
  • Ambulance Patient Transfer Service (PTS) Kit

    “Comprising an Emergency Services (ES) sling Super Bariatric Sling (SBS) set of 8 extension handles and bag. Members of the Ambulance Service are responsible for getting patients to where they need to be cared for in emergency and non-emergency situations and are routinely called to lift and transfer incapacitated people. The PTS kit will accommodate individuals from a larger child to obese adults. The red ES sling has a safe working load of 45 stone/630 lb/290 kg and is easily placed beneath a seated or recumbent individual allowing a team of operatives to lift and transfer that person fully supported without pressure points minimizing risk of further injury. As the load is distributed between several operatives and each has a good handle risk of musculo skeletal injury is significantly reduced. The Super Bariatric Sling has a safe working load of 63 stone/880 lb/400 kg and is the largest sling available for transferring bariatric casualties; with 7 handles. Handholds can be increased with extension handles. Can be placed without rolling the casualty. The slings are supplied with 8 extension handles (loops of soft webbing) allowing up to eight operatives to share the load all in a compact bag.
    The Ambulance PTS kit will accommodate nearly 100% of the population for that one off emergency transfer and is a cost effective option for the emergency services industry.”

    AED 5,290.90
  • AED 2,299.50
  • AED 3,648.75


    AED 3,648.75
  • Bottom Cover for SKID/SKID PRO in black PVC W/Blac

    Bottom Cover for SKID/SKID PRO in black PVC W/Blac

    AED 493.92
  • CombiCarrier II Tactical Scoop/Backboard 2 in 1ST/113

    CombiCarrier II Tactical Scoop/Backboard 2 in 1

    “CombiCarrier II Tactical Scoop/Backboard 2 in 1

    The CombiCarrier II Tactical eliminates unnecessary movement making it ideal for patients with suspected hip pelvic and spinal injuries.

    • Spinal Immobilization Device: The CombiCarrier II may be used as a scoop stretcher or a full backboard.
    • Auto-Lock Latch System: Simple intuitive design minimizes training. Recessed side latch is positioned away from patient.
    • Locks instantly during application.
    • Manual release required during removal from patient.
    • Concave Patient Surface: Provides excellent lateral support and improves patient’s sense of security. Minimizes movement of patient’s spine during lifting and transport. Continuous inner edge eliminates panel pinch points.
    • Operates like a Standard Backboard: Patient can be rotated and slid out onto the CombiCarrier II during auto extrication. Four patient restraint straps are included.
    • Continuous Head Support Surface: Improves neutral alignment and minimizes head movement during application and removal. Accommodates various durable and disposable head immobilizers.
    • Seamless Plastic Construction: No rivets drive screws or roll pins. High density polyethylene is easily cleaned and disinfected. Helps comply with CDC and OSHA guidelines. Foam filling makes it ideal for water rescue.
    • Reduced thickness (2.19″” / 5.6 cm) and smaller hand hold diameter (1.35″” / 3.4 cm) fits standard storage compartments.

    Dimensions: 186.7 x 41.9 x 5.6cm”

    AED 7,695.45
  • Crane Sling Kit

    “The Crane sling and Spacer Bar by ProMove is the only sling world-wide suitable and rated for lifting a bariatric person by crane or rope and pulley. The kit comprises: crane sling (incorporating head support and red X shaped safety harness) two piece metal spacer bar 2 x stirrups dignity sheet set of 6 adjustable anchor straps set of 12 steel connectors large tubular slide sheet bugg strap set of 8 extension handles and a large carry bag. Individual crane kit items can be bought separately.



    AED 15,783.39

    Crane Sling Kit

    AED 15,783.39
  • Dakota Light Steel basket stretcher

    “Spencer Dakota is a basket stretcher intended for recovery of patients where other devices would be difficult to use.
    Typical uses are recovery by ground hoisting fast recoveries and transfers that require side impact protection. This
    version is characterized by width less than the standard model.”

    AED 1,838.18
  • Emergency Services (ES) Kit

    “Comprising ES sling set of 8 extension handles and bag.
    Members of the Emergency Services are routinely called to lift and transfer incapacitated people. The sling will accommodate individuals from a larger child to obese adults. The red ES sling is easily placed beneath a seated or recumbent individual allowing a team of operatives to lift and carry that person fully supported without pressure points minimising risk of further injury. As the load is distributed between several operatives and each has a good handle risk of musculoskeletal injury is significantly reduced. Supplied with 8 extension handles (loops of soft webbing) allowing up to eight operatives to share the load all in a compact red bag.
    We suggest as a useful extra the lightweight tubular slide sheet which will fit into the same bag.”

    AED 2,072.70
  • EpiShuttle

    The EpiShuttle is a modular single patient isolation system, specially designed
    for transport of patients.

    The unit both protects the patient from a contaminated
    environment or protects the environment from an infected patient.

    AED 219,975.00


    AED 219,975.00
  • EvacKRESH

    The EvacKRESH is designed for the rapid emergency evacuation of several infants from a
    crèche facility within a building.


    • Wipe clean wall mounted storage bag.
    • Quick and simple to deploy in an emergency
    • Load up to 12 infants, no securing straps.
    • No maximum infant capacity, infant number dependent on infant size and capacity of
    EvacKRESH compartment
    • Durable hard plastic base to move easily over nearly all types of floor surface.
    • Easy clean Flame Retardant PVC construction with 50mm of 33H foam padding
    • Hi Visibility, soft touch pulling straps

    AED 4,021.50


    AED 4,021.50
  • Foil Blanket – Child

    A disposable, ultra-insulating emergency blanket. Both sides have a heat-reflective metallic surface that will retain over 90% of body heat. As well as retaining most radiated body heat, it will also protect against wind and rain. Ideal for treating or preventing hypothermia.


    • Disposable, ultra-insulating blanket.
    • Heat-reflective metallic surfaces.
    • Also protects against wind and rain.
    • Helps treat or prevent hypothermia.
    • Available for adult and child.

    AED 4.29
  • Foldable Field Stretchers with carrycase – Medevac

    It is designed with pinch-free hinges and has 6 ea 12mm connecting holes for securing equipment to the stretcher. With integrated 5+2 point harness, the patient is securely fastened during the transportation and can in the worst case be hoisted vertically. With the telescopic handles retracted the stretcher can fit within vehicles and helicopters with a length less than 2 meters. Four folded it can be stored in a number of 36 units per cubic meter.


    • law STANAG 2040
    • law STANAG 3204
    • Fire retardant canvas.
    • Foldable with telescopic handles.
    • Integrated 5 + 2 point patient restraint harness.
    • Includes a durable carrying case.

    AED 3,675.00

    • Emergency lighting
    • This glow-stick will glow for a minimum of 8 hours once activated
    • Each has a hook and eye lanyard attachment
    • Each glow stick is 15mm x 15cm
    • Individually wrapped
    • Choose from green or white.

    AED 9.92
  • Head Support ProMove Sling for Adults 12+

    “For a child of about 12 years to a large adult
    Suitable for a disabled larger child or adult for transfers where a hoist is not an option. Eliminates pressure points and indignity of manhandling with risk of bruising skin shearing or worse. Load is distributed between 2 to 4 handlers. The head support will cradle the individual’s head and is fitted with two stiffeners. Ideal for holidays and days out to access so many more experiences in places where you cannot take a hoist.”

    AED 1,884.17
  • Head support ProMove Sling for children-Younger child 3-10 years

    The Head Support ProMove Sling for Children provides a safe and comfortable means of lifting and moving a disabled child by two or more persons and can be an introduction to hoisting later allowing the child and parents to become familiar with slings. Ideal for holidays and days out to access so many more experiences in places where you cannot take a hoist. The head support will cradle the child’s head and is fitted with two stiffeners. The sling is fitted with a 3-point strap crossing the hips and passing between the legs; this is easily removed if not required.

    AED 1,523.66
  • Placeholder

    Lifting hoist for F76025 basket stretcher

    “The basket stretcher shell has been designed to meet the most difficult of emergency situations.

    • It is ideal for rescue operations in mines at altitude and in water.
    • Thanks to its robust form resistance and flexibility it is indispensable in any situation that a reliable and safe stretcher is needed
    • A revolutionary technique has been used which ensures uniform thickness of the entire length of the stretcher
    • The shell is in high-density polyethylene and is joined to an aluminium framework that aims to consolidate its strength
    • The handles which are part of the structure itself are placed along the length of the stretcher
    • The grommets for the fixing of the spring catches of the harnessing are made of stainless steel
    • Inside the shell there is a removable mattress applied with self-adherent strips made from closed cell EPDM which makes it impermeable to both blood and water
    • The use of high-density polyethylene for the shell helps to avoid splintering or cracking.

    Supplied with:

    • Nylon rope along entire perimeter
    • Three nylon straps with quick-release buckles
    • Water resistant closed cell EPDM mattress
    • Footrest in pre-formed polyethylene with position regulator
    • Dimensions: L: 215 x W: 650 x H: 190cm
    • Weight: 13.5Kg

    Load capacity: 280Kg.”

    AED 2,296.17

    Major Incident Burgen MCI Red (Smart MCI Event Bag)

    The SMART MCI Bag is a complete grab bag enabling rapid response with all the resources required to manage a mass casualty event. The perfect MCI Bag for deploying in high-risk locations, such as stadiums and other high-risk venues.


    (1) SMART Triage CSS Roll
    (1) SMART Triage Command Roll
    (1) SMART Commander
    (2) SMART TRI Pack


    *The SMART MCI Bag can be rearranged depending on the capabilities required by the user:
    •The CSS Roll and Command Roll can be removed.
    •The 2 pcs. TRI PACKs can be exchanged with 4 pcs. Triage Modules (Item code#: UK-PAC-RD)

    AED 20,603.52
  • Match 2 ComPact: Emergency hammerGD02040A

    Match 2 ComPact: Emergency hammer

    “and innovations market to companies sensitive most the of one is Spencer
    the like products manufactured has Spencer now years many For. trends
    and series Rodenstok the like tools-multi or 3 Match scissors purpose-multi
    .instrument of type this for reference of point a become now have items these
    these for demand growing the clear made research market after Recently
    Spencer public the for accessible devices versatile and economical simple
    window for used hammer emergency Compact 2 Match the designed has
    .cutting belt seat and breaking
    elementary guarantees that instrument efficient and compact light smart A
    just walls on system fixing its to thanks position to Easy. operations extrication
    .instrument aid first a like
    mm 25 x 75 x 135 system fixing without Dimensions
    mm 35 x 90 x 140 system fixing with Dimensions
    150gr system fixing without Weight
    gr 160 system fixing with Weight
    steel and ABS Material”

    AED 62.84
  • MobileAid All-Terrain Incident Command Station

    Product Code: 33596

    All-Terrain Station with incident command supplies in grab-and-go pouches Search & Rescue First Aid Supplies and a megaphone.

    Includes 8ft. Emergency Flag. For 4-person team.


    Hi-Vis Safety Vest4Heavy Duty Flashlight4
    N-95 Mask4D batteries8
    Whistle with lanyard412-Hour Light Sticks8
    22-Channel Two-Way Radio4Emergency poncho4
    AAA batteries12Emergency thermal blanket4
    Pen4Caution Tape – 25 feet4
    Writing tablet4Emergency Flag (collapsible)1
    Leather Palm Gloves4Megaphone with 4 C batteries1
    First Aid Guide Book1Vinyl gloves (pairs)8
    CPR Shield14” x 4” gauze pads 12 ply15
    Gauze Roll 4” x 5 Yds.2Triangular bandages 36” x 36” x 52”2
    ABD combine pad 5” x 9”1


    AED 4,691.14
  • MobileAid EASY-ROLL Emergency Incident Response Station [4-Person Team]

    “A complete Easy-Roll Station with incident management supplies in grab-and-go pouches Serarch & Rescue First Aid supplies and a megaphone.  Includes 8 ft. Emergency falg.  For 4-person team.

    Additional information

    Special Features:EASY-ROLL CART —
    ROLLING MOBILITY: dual 4″” polyurethane wheels aid in rapid-response with little effort and strain on the responder

    SEATING AND GEAR PLATFORM: allows for victim to be seated while being treated or to aid in the transport of additional equipment (e.g. AED oxygen tank etc.) or emergency supplies

    EASY IDENTIFICATION: Hi-visibility safety green bag with reflective stripe. 8ft. foldable Emergency Flag.

    EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION WITH LARGE GROUPS: Megaphone with foldable handle.

    CRITICAL EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT SUPPLIES: Each kit includes supplies that provide: identification communication breathing protection light and personal & group safety.

    EASY HANDS-FREE CARRY: Adjustable shoulder strap and two hand straps allow for easy carrying.

    CLEAR-VIEW ACCESS: Clear vinyl lid allows for quick identification of contents.

    EASY IDENTIFICATION: Hi-visibility safety green ballistic nylon pouch makes the kit easy to find in an emergency. Custom ID handle grip.

    DURABLE PROTECTION FOR SUPPLIES: Super durable weather-resistant ballistic nylon pouch with a full vinyl liner protects contents and ensures years of use in rugged conditions.

    AXILIARY FIRST AID: added supplies for treating of basic wounds during an emergency response

    Contents:FOUR (4) OTS (Over-The-Shoulder) EMERGENCY RESPONSE LEADER KITS
    Each Contain:
    (1) Ballistic Nylon Supplies Pouch with adjustable shoulder strap
    (1) Hi-Visibility Safety Vest
    (1) N-95 Breathing Mask
    (1) Metal whistle
    (1) 22 Channel 2-Way Radio
    (1) Pen
    (1) Writing tablet
    (1) Leather Palm Gloves
    (1) Heavy Duty Flashlight
    (2) D batteries
    (3) AAA batteries
    (2) Light Sticks
    (1) Emergency thermal blanket
    (1) Heavy Duty Poncho
    (1) Caution Tape – 25 feet

    (1) First Aid Guide Book
    (8) Vinyl Glove pairs
    (1) CPR Shield
    (15) 4″” x 4″” gauze pads 12 ply
    (2) Gauze rolls 4″” x 5″” yds.
    (2) Triangular bandages 36″” x 36″” x 52″”

    AED 3,957.98
  • NAJO Bariatric Long Board With 10 Speed Clip PinsST/317

    NAJO Bariatric Long Board With 10 Speed Clip Pins

    “NAJO Bariatric Long Board With 10 Speed Clip Pins

    The Najo Bariatric Spinal board allows bariatric patients with suspected spinal injuries to be moved and transported to hospital.

    Strong one-piece HDPE construction is impervious to all bodily fluids is easy to decontaminate and provides 100% x-ray translucency

    • For rescuers needing “”more backboard””
    • Angled edges for smooth log-rolls and painless patient placement
    • Rectangular shape to allow patient placement at either end
    • Impervious to all bodily fluids
    • Easy to decontaminate
    • One-piece high-density polyethylene construction polyurethane foam fill
    • 100% x-ray translucent;
    • Can be used to a float patient in water
    • Meets OSHA recommendations
    • Denser foam around handholds enhances carriers’ comfort extends board durability
    • Supplied with 10 pins
    • Dimensions: 80″” L x 20″” W x 2¼”” H; weight 27 lb
    • Guaranteed for life under normal use
    • Dimesions
      • Length – 2032mm
      • Width – 508mm
      • Height – 57mm
      • Weight – 12kg
      • Load Capacity 454kg

    AED 7,618.28

    Pro-Skid is an evacuation chair, that is a chair that allows a single person, without effort or technical training, to carry another one down a staircase. The most important innovation is the use of passive slides which allows the chair to glide over the staircase with a high standard of safety and without requiring any effort.


    • PVC Sheet is easy to clean
    • Slide allow easy movement and control going downstairs
    • Front wheels pivoting with brake which prevents horizontal and vertical movement
    • Large diameter rear wheels increase sliding action
    • Headrest has fixing belts to firmly position the person sitting to enhance safety
    • Headrest sheet is movable making the device suitable for patient of different heights
    • Footrest for patient comfort and firm position
    • Seat and headrest are padded and made with vinyl material coating for an antibacterial protection and additional comfort
    • Footrest for patient comfort and firm position
    AED 11,989.69


    AED 11,989.69



    The most relevant technical/aesthetic novelty of this article is the use of passive caterpillar belts which effortlessly glide downstairs

    with an elevated level of security. Careful examination of the whole chair reveals a seat that has been very carefully studied; aesthetically

    and in its conceptually free styling. The mixture of technical requirements give it an aggressive style. For example the tortuous conformation

    of the welded frame or the obvious originality of the seating posture. The precocity of the aesthetics is underlined by the distribution of the angles

    the backrest that can be telescopically inclined the adjustable headrest and the handles for transportation that can also be detached from the chair itself.

    Innovative design and the maximum of security possible when in use make the new Skid Series an absolute novelty within the environment of evacuation and transport.”

    AED 12,194.81


    AED 12,194.81
  • Res-Q-Rope Floating Rope(1 Meter)SR10011

    Res-Q-Rope Floating Rope (1 Meter)

    100% polypropylene floating rope. Soft high resistance to loading abrasion and solar exposition chemical substances and moldproof.

    AED 28.67
  • Res-Q-Rope KitSR10012

    Res-Q-Rope Kit

    Res-Q-Rope kit is a device for water rescue to be used as an aid in recovery procedures. 14m long

    AED 264.60

    Res-Q-Rope Kit

    AED 264.60
  • AED 546.00
  • JS Bin