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  • XtractSR 2-1-2 Complete

    The XtractSR 2-1-2 Complete Stretcher is a tactical rescue solution for evacuating casualties safely, efficiently, and carrying your medical supplies. This complete kit gives the operator a modular approach for the movement of a casualty from a hostile environment. This approach minimizes weight and cube and allows for operational flexibility.


    Kit Includes:
    1 x XtractSR 2-1-2 Complete Stretcher with Base fitted
    1 x pair of Xstraps
    1 x Backpack with 2-1-2 pouch configuration

    AED 9,348.98 Price includes VAT

    XtractSR 2-1-2 Complete

    AED 9,348.98 Price includes VAT
  • TraumaFix® Military Field Dressing Sterile 20cmx19cm

    “TraumaFix® Military Field Dressing Sterile 20cmx19cm


    Now updated and includes a built-in pillow that increases the pressure when stemming major blood flow.


    Military personnel camo packaging.
    Offers amazing absorption of fluid.
    Vacuum compressed packing.
    Labelled with full instructions.
    Advanced absorbency protection.

    Featuring all the benefits and unique features of the TraumaFix dressing above the Military version is packaged to allow for the specialised environment in which it is likely to be used. The package itself is manufactured from a waterproof fabric that protects the dressing under extreme conditions. Thoughtful design is evident from the distinctive green camouflage packaging a colour that is carried through to the dressing itself allowing a serious wound to be dressed and camouflaged simultaneously. A single use sterile product carefully designed for a serious job.”

    AED 29.96 Price includes VAT
  • EMS Waistcoat – Green

    “EMS Waistcoat – Green

    • Hardwearing nylon waistcoat with 5 assorted velcro fastened pockets
    • Reflexite striping for maximum visibility
    • The larger pockets have elastic loops for securing equipment
    • Radio/mobile phone pouch
    • 2 x Elasticated pen loops
    • Large full width rear pocket suitable for Triage cards etc
    • 3 x Adjustable straps each side to ensure complete adjustment for a perfect fit
    • Velcro badge attachment points front and rear
    • Zip fastening
    • Set of standard badges included
    • Other colours available to order call for details

    AED 607.75 Price includes VAT

    EMS Waistcoat – Green

    AED 607.75 Price includes VAT
  • Xtract Insulate with EPS

    Xtract Insulate with EPS – Xtract™ SR Heatsaver is a passive insulating solution designed to prevent and treat hypothermia in an austere environment.

    Xtract™ SR Insulate protects the casualty from heat loss to the ground

    Xtract™ SR EPS protects the casualty from the weather

    Xtract Insulate with EPS is effective heat retention starts close to point-of-wounding.
    Works with the active heating solutions of your choice.
    Practical, logical micro-sized designs maximise operator’s efficiency.
    Evidence-based targeted insulation protects core temperature.
    Xtract Insulate with EPS heatsaver is additional comfort at acute and prolonged care phases maximises patient outcome.

    AED 3,096.65 Price includes VAT

    Xtract Insulate with EPS

    AED 3,096.65 Price includes VAT
  • Military Folding stretcher with Green Canvas

    Military Folding stretcher with Green Canvas

    • Widthways-folding stretcher made from round aluminium tube and green fireproof
    military canvas.
    • Military Folding stretcher has extractable handgrips and strap belts to immobilize the patient. It is ideal for military
    Dimensions: 17 x 58 x 198 cm

    AED 2,369.27 Price includes VAT

    Military Folding stretcher with Green Canvas

    AED 2,369.27 Price includes VAT
  • Bastion EMS 5 Pocket Tactical Vest In Yellow/Green

    “Bastion EMS 5 Pocket Tactical Vest In Yellow/Green

    The Bastion EMS 5 Pocket Tactical Vest is designed for EMS officers. The weight of your equipment is evenly distributed over the pockets to reduce the strain often associated with wearing a belt and is always close at hand.

    • Click on dock on right shoulder for radio or torch with Niton LiteDock
    • 50mm Reflective tape at the waist and shoulder
    • 5 Bellowed pockets with easy open straps including 1 bellowed drop down pocket
    • Velcro adjustments at the waist and shoulders to allow for a flexible fit over clothing or armour (minimum & maximum chest and waist measurements are provided)
    • 2 Concealed chest pockets with YKK zips ideal for notebooks or documents
    • Small front & Large Velcro ID strip on the back & left chest for identification
    • Epaulette loops for button epaulettes
    • 4 Belt loops
    • Vented lining/construction for maximum comfort
    • Badges not included

    AED 739.78 Price includes VAT
  • Bastion Tactical Infection Control & PPE Kit

    Contents of each kit:

    2 x Size LGE orange coverall/suit – Type 5 & 6
    2 x Size XL orange coverall/suit – Type 5 & 6
    2 x Pair of Oversleeves
    2 x Pair of Overshoes
    2 x Long sleeved disposable surgical apron
    2 x Clinical waste bags
    2 x Bottles of Body Fluid Spillage Powder (240g each)
    2 x Yellow Plastic Scrapers


    Each coverall meets the following EN standards:
    EN 13034:2005+A1:2009
    EN 13982-1:2004+A1:2010
    EN 1149-5:2008
    EN ISO 13688:2013

    AED 642.76 Price includes VAT

    Bastion Tactical Infection Control & PPE Kit

    AED 642.76 Price includes VAT
  • Blackhawk Special Operation Medical Backpack

    “Blackhawk Special Operation Medical Backpack


    This pack was designed with the IVS Cool Back Panel with silent zipper pulls and a dual adjusting waist strap. With design help from the elite military medics who know the most efficient techniques in field trauma care. This medical pack will open fully to display items in an emergency. The pack is a mid-sized frameless pack with super comfortable contour padded shoulder straps and waist belt.

    • Made of 1000 denier NyTaneon
    • Top grab handle
    • Outer cinch straps
    • Internal compartments
    • Drain holes (grommets)
    • Contour padded shoulder straps-.5 inch padding
    • Individual medical gear compartments
    • Padded back and padded inner trifold flap
    • Internal pockets made of urethane coated mesh
    • Two large compartments close using #9 YKK zipper and sliders with silent pulls
    • Special pouch to carry an optional 72/100 oz. HydraStorm Hydration System
    • Optional modular storage available with the Assault Pack Accessory Pouch (603DAP)
    • Half inch foam shoulder straps
    • Dimensions: 33 x 46 x 20cm
    • Weight: 3 lbs 7 oz.
    • Cubes: 1872 cubic inches
    • Supplied unkitted

    AED 2,633.60 Price includes VAT

    Blackhawk Special Operation Medical Backpack

    AED 2,633.60 Price includes VAT
  • Smart MIST Tags pack of 1000

    The Smart MIST Tags pack of 1000 by SMART Tag®. The cards have folded design that means effective triage is quick and simple, allowing you to reprioritize your  
    casualty quickly without losing information.


    • Highly visible, with Priority 1 lightstick
    • Highly durable, waterproof and tear resistant material
    • Space for structured recording of interventions (time allowing)
    • Unique barcode for integration with tracking software

    AED 11,576.25 Price includes VAT

    Smart MIST Tags pack of 1000

    AED 11,576.25 Price includes VAT
  • Parabag Personal Attack Response Kit in Black Pouch

    “Our MD Steve Bray says “”Given the amount of time I spend visiting various capital cities around the world especially London and Europe; I thought it was about time I started to carry a personal med kit with me at all times””.
    Following the recent and terrible terrorist attacks in Paris Brussels Nice Munich Istanbul and New York I have become concerned that if I got caught up in such an attack that I wouldn’t have any kit with me to help the injured. I also had a slightly selfish motive as I might also need some med kit to look after myself if I was one of the injured; after all the military have taught us that ‘self-aid’ is often required in these situations. If I was travelling in my car in the UK then I would almost always have a boot load of equipment to cope with most disasters but if I was travelling on the tube or using an airport then I often have absolutely nothing with me.
    Today I decided to address that and come up with this small med kit that I would be happy to wear on my belt whilst travelling around London whether that was while wearing my business suit going to a meeting or in my jeans and a t-shirt on a day off. I also wanted a small unassuming kit that airport security would be happy for me to carry on to an aeroplane as a passenger without all the alarm bells ringing.

    So I sat down to work out what kit I wanted to carry without it ending up the size of a backpack. I thought I would also try and restrict myself to 10-12 essential items that was a lot harder than I imagined. Well I certainly wanted a few bits of kit to control severe bleeding such as a good heavy duty trauma dressing a tourniquet a haemostatic dressing and something for facial burns. I also thought about a Pocket Mask but decided against one as CPR was probably going to be out of the question in a mass casualty incident. But then I thought about it again and added a simple face shield as I was more likely to come across a cardiac arrest than a terrorist attack. I also thought about some eye wash but left it out for now given the problems that airline security has with liquids. Having said that straight away I’ve run into more ‘airline problems’ as my kit now includes shears a liquid burn dressing and a chemical lightstick. No one said this kit was going to be easy; I guess some items are just going to have to go into my hold luggage if I’m going on an aeroplane but at least I’d still be left with some useful basics on my person.

    I’ve tried desperately to NOT come up with just another small ‘first aid kit’ so no plasters or antiseptic wipes on my list. This kit is purely a few life saving items in order for you to deal with finding yourself involved in a terrorist attack or a mass casualty incident or what the Americans often refer to as an ‘Active Shooter’.

    Here is the list of contents for my suggested kit:

    1 x DR/826 – T6 Trauma Dressing
    1 x IN/921 – CAT Tourniquet – Black
    1 x DR/658 – Celox Rapid Haemostatic Gauze
    1 x BU/023 – Water-Jel Burn Dressing – 10x40cm
    1 x SI/142 – Piranha Tuf Cut Shears
    1 x RE/004 – Size 2 Guedel OP Airway
    1 x RE/011 – CPR Face Shield (Vent Aid)
    2 x DP/138P – Pairs of Non Sterile Nitrile Gloves
    1 x DR/163 – Roll of Transpore Waterproof Tape
    1 x AR/170 – White Chemical LightStick – 8 Hour
    1 x BL/001 – Foil Blanket – Adult Size
    1 x DP/801S – BioMask Face Mask (PPE)
    1 x PE/037 – Safety Specs/Goggles (PPE)
    1 x FA/646TB – Parabag IFAK Belt Pouch in Black

    Once I had decided on my final list of individual items that I wanted to carry I then had to choose a pouch or bag to keep them in. Well as we all know the choice of bags pouches colours shapes and sizes is endless in the SP range. First of all I thought about using one of our bum bags but then decided that this was probably a little too big and not really low-key; although for customers who decide they want to add extra items and need something a little bigger then I would recommend looking at our Parabag Bum Bags. The pouch I chose in the end was our Parabag IFAK Pouch in Black. It can be belt mounted but also easily removed in an emergency. Its black colour is relatively inconspicuous and it doesn’t have any of our usual silver reflective or neon yellow fluorescent markings. It also has some great little pockets and elastic loops inside to help organise and keep everything tidy and secure.”

    AED 1,348.63 Price includes VAT
  • CombiCarrier II Tactical Scoop/Backboard 2 in 1

    “CombiCarrier II Tactical Scoop/Backboard 2 in 1

    The CombiCarrier II Tactical eliminates unnecessary movement making it ideal for patients with suspected hip pelvic and spinal injuries.

    • Spinal Immobilization Device: The CombiCarrier II may be used as a scoop stretcher or a full backboard.
    • Auto-Lock Latch System: Simple intuitive design minimizes training. Recessed side latch is positioned away from patient.
    • Locks instantly during application.
    • Manual release required during removal from patient.
    • Concave Patient Surface: Provides excellent lateral support and improves patient’s sense of security. Minimizes movement of patient’s spine during lifting and transport. Continuous inner edge eliminates panel pinch points.
    • Operates like a Standard Backboard: Patient can be rotated and slid out onto the CombiCarrier II during auto extrication. Four patient restraint straps are included.
    • Continuous Head Support Surface: Improves neutral alignment and minimizes head movement during application and removal. Accommodates various durable and disposable head immobilizers.
    • Seamless Plastic Construction: No rivets drive screws or roll pins. High density polyethylene is easily cleaned and disinfected. Helps comply with CDC and OSHA guidelines. Foam filling makes it ideal for water rescue.
    • Reduced thickness (2.19″” / 5.6 cm) and smaller hand hold diameter (1.35″” / 3.4 cm) fits standard storage compartments.

    Dimensions: 186.7 x 41.9 x 5.6cm”

    AED 8,080.22 Price includes VAT

    CombiCarrier II Tactical Scoop/Backboard 2 in 1

    AED 8,080.22 Price includes VAT
  • Cruciform Triage Documentation System- Single

    Cruciform Casualty Triage System Casualty identification. Red yellow green and white colour keys. Patient details trauma score additional details modules. Includes overlay page.

    AED 52.09 Price includes VAT

    Cruciform Triage Documentation System- Single

    AED 52.09 Price includes VAT


    This infection control kit has been designed by the medical team at SP in order to protect those employees and officials who are working in areas where there is a higher risk of infection or contamination eg an area affected by infectious diseases such as Ebola (EVD) Swine or Bird Flu.

    The goggles are constructed of soft comfortable vinyl with a wide adjustable headband. The polycarbonate lens meet ANSI Z87.1. Includes side vent caps to restrict the influx of fluids.

    It is supplied in a sealed tamper-proof A4 sized wallet so that its easy to store and distribute.

    Each kit contains the following items:

    • 1 x EN14683 compliant Biomask Face Mask
    • 1 x Pair of Safety Goggles with Valved Air Side Vents & Head Strap
    • 1 x EN14126 Compliant Disposable White Coverall (Size Large)
    • 1 x Pair of Purple Nitrile Latex-Free Exam Gloves (Size Medium)
    • 1 x Pair of Purple Nitrile Latex-Free Exam Gloves (Size Large)
    • 1 x Pair of Blue PVC Elasticated Over Shoes
    • 2 x Bioguard Anti Bacterial Disinfectant Wipes
    • 1 x SP Alcohol Hand Rub in a 50ml Belt Dispenser
    • 1 x Yellow Clinical Waste Bag
    AED 264.60 Price includes VAT


    AED 264.60 Price includes VAT
  • Emergency Care Battle Field Dressing/Bandage – Military

    “Emergency Care Battle Field Dressing/Bandage – Military

    Often referred to as the “”Israeli Dressing or Bandage””

    • Highly absorbent dressing pad 15 x 17.5cm
    • Pressure applying bar
    • Retaining bandage
    • Securing Clip
    • Camouflage coloured pad bandage and packaging
    • Provides immediate direct pressure to the wound
    • Quick and easy for personal or professional application
    • Trauma dressing with heavy duty compression bandage

    AED 84.50 Price includes VAT
  • Full EMS Lite-Blade Pack Laryngoscope Handle & Blades

    “This handy Full EMS Lite-Blade Pack pack contains :
    x1 Laryngoscope Handle Adult ‘C’ Size Conventional
    x1 Disposable Single Use Lite-Blade MK2 – Single Blade
    x1 Disposable Single Use Lite-Blade MK3 – Single Blade
    x1 Disposable Single Use Lite-Blade MK4 – Single Blade
    x1 Disposable Single Use Lite-Blade ML0 – Single Blade
    x1 Disposable Single Use Lite-Blade ML1 – Single Blade
    x1 Nylon Laryngoscope Carry Case – Red”

    AED 555.66 Price includes VAT
  • Individual Military Kit – in Military Bag

    “Individual Military Kit in Military Bag Contents effectively treat: Airway obstruction. Open chest wounds. Catastrophic bleeding. Skeletal injuries. Hypothermia.

    Ninety percent of combat/conflict wound fatalities die on the battlefield before reaching a medical treatment facility. This fact of war emphasises the need for continued improvement in pre-hospital combat care. In the combat setting mitigating factors such as darkness hostile fire resource limitations prolonged evacuation times unique battlefield casualty transportation issues command and tactical decisions affecting healthcare hostile environments and provider experience levels pose constraints different from the routine hospital emergency department or ambulance services. These differences are profound and must be carefully reviewed when trauma management strategies are modified for combat/conflict application. Reliance Medical is at the forefront of product design in line with the current clinical thinking and evidence.

    1 Celox Haemostatic Gauze Roll 10ft
    1 Chest Seal
    1 EuroSplint 11cm x 90cm
    1 Gauze Roll Kerlix 11.4cm x 3.7m
    2 Gloves (Pairs)
    1 Guedel Airway 3 Yellow
    1 Guedel Airway 4 Red
    1 Lubricating Jelly 5g Sachet
    1 Nasopharnygeal Airway Size 6
    1 Nasopharnygeal Airway Size 7
    1 Survival Blanket Blizzard
    1 Tape Zinc Oxide 5cm x 5m
    1 Tourniquet Combat Application
    1 TraumaFix Military Dressing 20cm x 19cm
    2 Triangular Bandage 90cm x 127cm
    1 Universal Shears”

    AED 1,317.96 Price includes VAT

    Individual Military Kit – in Military Bag

    AED 1,317.96 Price includes VAT
  • ITLS Military 2nd Edition Manual

    “Author- John Campbell with contributions by William Pfeifer and James R. Miller
    Military Content Editor-Andrew Kagel MD
    Cover- Softback
    Published- January 2014

    The all-new ITLS Military 2nd edition manual combines the fundamentals of ITLS trauma assessment and treatment with recent military innovations utilized in the world’s current war zones.

    The demands and limitations of providing effective trauma care in a combat situation necessitate special adaptations of trauma assessment and treatment used in the civilian medical system.

    Adapts proven techniques taught in the civilian ITLS course to the military environment where limited resources are the rule not the exception.

    Developed by military medical providers from medics to physicians incorporating their recent combat experiences

    Military program and design
    Military case studies in each chapter
    Military photos
    Pearls words of wisdom from experienced providers
    Accompanied by dedicated ITLS Military CD ROM with scenario-based practice questions additional trauma photos interactive activities and video clips”

    AED 943.47 Price includes VAT

    ITLS Military 2nd Edition Manual

    AED 943.47 Price includes VAT
  • Meditac IFAK Pouch – Unkited

    “Meditac IFAK Pouch – Unkited

    The MediTAC IFAK individual first aid kit securely holds your first aid kit including a battle dressing or blood stopper kit

    • Securely holds your first aid kit including a battle dressing or blood stopper kit
    • Fits on your MOLLE compatible tactical vest or chest rig gear bag belt or other
    • Dimensions: 18 x 13 x 6.5cm

    AED 202.59 Price includes VAT

    Meditac IFAK Pouch – Unkited

    AED 202.59 Price includes VAT
  • Meret OMNI PRO BLS/ALS Total System (TS2 Ready)

    “Meret OMNI PRO BLS/ALS Total System (TS2 Ready)


    The Meret OMNI PRO BLS/ALS Total System is built for the professional built to help you rapidly and proficiently deploy medical care during critical moments and save lives.

    The OMNI PRO’s internal main compartment can be completely customised using the innovative SLIDER system. Overlapping panels secure internal contents and provide access to TS2 Ready DEEP STUFF Pockets and STICKIT STRIPS. Outside pockets and pouches offer additional quick-access storage. Using OneView technology the bag opens completely facing one direction providing access to all compartments. A front pocket offers space for longer items such as intubation aids. The bag is ergonomically designed for use as a backpack shoulder bag can be carried briefcase style or can be grabbed from any position using a system of light weight comfort-grip side handles.

    Hideaway mountaineering style backpack harness that provides a snug and secure fit keeping the entire bag close to your body. The entire harness system hides away in a zippered pocket. All sides of the bag that touch the ground are reinforced with PVC to ensure durability and resist water.

    • Converts your 2 bags into a 1 bag system
    • 1 DEEP STUFF pocket 2 STICKIT Strips and shoulder strap with metal hardware INCLUDED
    • Matte chrome metal hardware
    • Double stitching on all stress points
    • Riveted bottom skid runners prevent wear
    • Inner foam construction maintains shape and protects contents
    • COMFORT-GRIP carry handles with reflective logos on sides of the bag (except on tactical black)
    • Adjustable sternum and waist belt lumbar support
    • Reflective front/ back/ side panels tie down loops zipper and handle logos (except on tactical black)
    • TS2 Ready hideaway zippers for 2 optional side TS2 Ready modules
    • Large EZ-Pull pullers allow easy access
    • Zippered internal mesh compartments
    • Overlapping internal panels secure contents
    • Dual large external zipper pockets with mesh lined compartments
    • Incredibly durable 1680/ 1200 Denier coated TPE water and stain resistant
    • All compartments have air dry capability
    • Product Dimensions: 38.1 x 55.8 x 24.1cm
    • Product Weight: 3kg
    • Supplied Unkitted

    AED 2,956.58 Price includes VAT

    Meret OMNI PRO BLS/ALS Total System (TS2 Ready)

    AED 2,956.58 Price includes VAT
  • SAM Junctional Tourniquet with One Target Compression Device

    The SAM Junctional Tourniquet for hemorrhage control is designed to control bleeding where tourniquets would not be effective such as with IED/Blast injuries or high level amputations. With these types of injuries time is of the essence. The SAM® Junctional Tourniquet offers a simple design. It is compact easy to use (only four steps) and quick to apply (typically under 25 seconds). The Target Compression Device (TCD) is placed at or near the injury site and pumped up until the bleeding stops. Two TCDs can be used to occlude blood flow bilaterally if needed. The rugged design ensures that the device stays firmly attached to the patient during transport. Designed to exceed MIL-STD-810g requirements.


    In addition the SAM Junctional Tourniquet is the ONLY junctional hemorrhage device FDA approved to stabilize pelvic fractures. Recent studies indicate that IED-type injuries often have associated pelvic fractures. The patented buckle provides the clinically correct force every time taking the guesswork out of tightening. This is vital in high stress environments where over-tightening or under-tightening could potentially be harmful.


    • For junctional hemorrhage
    • For pelvic fractures
    • Lightweight (488g)
    • Easy to use (4 step application)
    • < 25 second application time
    • FDA 510(k) cleared and CE mark
    • Single TCD includes:
      • 1 x Tourniquet
      • 1 x Compresion Device
      • 1 x Pump
    AED 2,685.69 Price includes VAT
  • SP Battle Medical Pack Fully Kitted – Black

    “SP Battle Medical Leg Pack in Black – Fully Kitted
    Kits Contains:
    BA/106 – Quality Cotton Crepe Bandage
    BO/133 – Emergency First Aid Drills
    DP/137P – Pair of Purple Nitrile Gloves – Medium
    DP/138P – Pair of Purple Nitrile Gloves – Large
    DR/441 – Quikclot Traumatic Wound
    DR/601 – Hemcon Bandage / Dressing Pad
    DR/808 – Emergency Military Field Dressing
    FA/650 – The SP Battle Medical Pack
    IN/034 – Venflon IV Cannula 16g Grey
    IN/036 – Venflon IN Cannula 18g Green
    IN/044 – IV Solution Sterile Giving Set
    IN/092 – Asherman Chest Seal – Single
    IN/407 – Nasosafe NP Airway 7mm – Orange
    IN/408 – Nasosafe NP Airway 8mm – Red
    IN/923 – SOFTT Special Operations Forces Tactical Tourniquet
    RE/005 – Guedel Disposable Airway – Size 3
    SP/PEN – SP Services Battenburg Pen”

    AED 3,042.24 Price includes VAT

    SP Battle Medical Pack Fully Kitted – Black

    AED 3,042.24 Price includes VAT
  • StatPacks G3 ‘Load N Go’ BackPack – EPO (BBP RESISTANT)

    StatPacks G3 ‘Load N Go’ BackPack – EPO (BBP RESISTANT)


    The Statpacks Load n’ Go is an ideal medic backpack for fixed wing and critical care transport ambulance and fire engines. No other medic backpack keeps equipment more organised and quickly accessible thanks to thoughtfully designed transparent sleeves mesh pockets and elastic holsters that are arranged in three layers.

    • Blood Borne Pathogen Resistant material
    • Unique design allows access to the main compartment from the top or front of this Transport Backpack
    • Specifically designed to hold StatPacks Generation 3 Emergency Medical Services Kits; including all StatPacks First Aid QuickRoll intubation Remedy and Circulatory kits (Not included)
    • QuickZip access to front compartment for quick access to Emergency Medical Equipment
    • Tarpaulin bottom panel for protection from abrasion and the elements
    • Clear durable urethane windows mesh pockets and elastic holsters keep contents in place and well-organized
    • Durable reflective material that has a protective outer mesh cover which shields it from wear and tear. Helps with visibility in nighttime situations (Not included in Tactical Black)
    • Removable adjustable inside divider for customized organization
    • Foam molded shoulder straps that allow for comfortable transport of most emergency medical equipment.
    • Internal Velcro lining strips to secure modules or other Velcro compatible items to secure ambulance equipment
    • LED light Attachment point (lights sold separately)
    • Unique foam lined design keeps all Emergency Medical Equipment inside protected from breakage or the elements
    • Side pockets for easy access to vital sign tools bandages and smaller ambulance equipment
    • A quick stash pocket for gloves and extra supplies located in the outside front
    • ID window to label any way you want to identify between other Transport Backpack’s
    • Main fabric is Tarpaulin with a one ounce urethane coating for an easier clean and protection from the elements and BBP’s
    • Additional kits not included
    • Supplied unkitted
    AED 1,759.59 Price includes VAT
  • StatPacks G3 BackUp BackPack Colour – Tactical Black

    The Statpacks G3 BackUp (Bloodborne Pathogen Resistant) is exceptional in Urban or Rural areas where “stay and play” medical protocol is used. Customisable shelving allows superior organisation of virtually any combination of equipment. The advanced harness system helps you tackle daunting flights of stairs and hard-to-reach accident scenes with ease and safety.


    • BBP fabric
    • Foam-lined construction maintains shape and protects contents
    • Fully adjustable hook-&-loop shelving that can be custom configured to individual preference and equipment needs
    • Ergonomic padded shoulder straps and back panel offer comfort during transport
    • QuickZip access to main compartment
    • Removable padded waistbelt
    • Load handle for quick/ easy carry
    • Designed specifically to carry StatPacks® drug module QuickRoll intubation kit and IV module
    • Large side pockets allow quick access to vital sign tools without accessing the main compartment
    • Whistle built into sternum strap buckle provides safety
    • Large zipper pulls allow easy quick access even while wearing gloves
    • Reflective piping and tie down loops for added nighttime safety
    • High quality construction and materials are backed by a lifetime warranty
    • Supplied Unkitted
    AED 2,332.62 Price includes VAT
  • StatPacks G3 Traverse Leg Pack Colour – Tactical Black

    “The StatPacks G3 Traverse is a straightforward EMT leg bag that provides quick access to small amounts of BLS and ALS equipment. Of all EMS first in bags the Traverse puts supplies literally at your fingertips. Designed as an EMT leg bag the Traverse allows for access in tight areas is swift and easy.
    The Traverse has been designed specifically for Tactical Medics in Military SWAT and Special Ops. Smart design features a shelf effect to prevent content spillage. Certain members of the NATA (National Athletic Trainers Association) have been using for years.
    Easily attaches to any belt and secures comfortably to either leg
    Shelf-style design opens to 90? for easy access from a standing position
    Accommodates IV fluids some airway equipment and trauma dressings; also great for non-medical gear for the entire team
    Silent Zipper pulls for quiet situations
    Supplied unkitted
    Dimensions: 41.9 x 26.7 x 5.1cm”

    AED 512.83 Price includes VAT
  • T-PODCombat Pelvic Stabilization Device

    • T-PODCombat is small and compact. It is one-size-fits-all and can remain on through MRI X-Ray and CT scans.
    • With a new black design T-PODCombat™ is specifically designed to be used in combat and military situations.
    • Ideally suited for difficult terrain and situations T-PODCombat can be quickly applied in the field by one person using an easy-to-tighten pulley system.
    • With a highly flexible design T-PODCombat is small and compact is one-size-fits-all and can remain on through MRI X-Ray and CT scans.

    AED 596.18 Price includes VAT

    T-PODCombat Pelvic Stabilization Device

    AED 596.18 Price includes VAT
  • Tactical Blast Bandage – 50 X 50CM

    The Blast Bandage was designed to provide the ability to quickly package traumatic amputations burns and large pattern wounds with minimal use of supplies and minimal effort.


    • Provides a 50 x 50cm treatment area but packs to the size of a 10cm combat bandage
    • Large non-adherent wound pad can be easily wrapped around limbs and secured with the attached elastic wrap
    • It provides a large sterile protective covering for shrapnel wounds or burns
    • The Blast Bandage is large enough to cover the entire back or chest of most casualties
    • A removable occlusive layer will cover a 48 x 48cm area or can be used to cover abdominal contents minimizing the loss of heat and moisture
    • The inchesrakes are especially helpful during the dressing of amputations providing multiple points of adhesion preventing slippage of the elastic during the wrapping process thus creating a more secure effective bandage

    AED 133.13 Price includes VAT

    Tactical Blast Bandage – 50 X 50CM

    AED 133.13 Price includes VAT
  • All Purpose Shear S-CUT 501 Black

    S-CUT – A tool you can trust every time!


    S-CUT is an all purpose shear and emergency cutting tool that can quickly remove clothes, boots, seat belt straps, and other tough materials to start lifesaving measures. Compared with scissors and knives the S-CUT’s ensures safety of the user and the patient despite its extreme cutting ability and speed.


    • The largest model, designed for really tough conditions. Medical device with high demands on precision and performance.
    • The 501, 601 and 701 models are intended for medical use and therefor CE-marked. Ambulance- and rescue teams all over the world are using them
    • Originally designed for emergency- ambulance- and rescue teams. S-CUT has now found a place within police- and military correctional- and decontamination personnel
    • Unlike scissors and knives, it cuts in one glide and its design ensures no risk of tearing the users skin or the patient’s skin


    Length: 24 cm
    Weight: 260 g
    Anodized machine milled aluminum

    AED 1,261.82 Price includes VAT

    All Purpose Shear S-CUT 501 Black

    AED 1,261.82 Price includes VAT
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