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  • TENT LES 25 2DZ

    The ROFI LES tent is designed for warm and cold climate, consisting of an inner compartment with integrated floor, and two triangular end sections, for use as entrance and storage compartment.
    To increase the comfort level when the ROFI LES tent is used as living quarters, we have created 2 compartments in the main part of the tent; i.e for use as sleeping compartment and “living room”.

    Due to the design with integrated end sections, the tent is equally suitable for use in cold climate, the outer cover protecting the inner “compartment” in full.

    The outer cover is made of rip-stop high tenacity polyester, the inner liner is a blend of polyester and cotton, where the polyester is more dominant.

    Key features:

    • Size: 25 m2
    • Tunnel shape
    • Double layer fabric with support poles
    • Flysheet
    • 2 Zip door, closeable windows and roof vent
    • Opening in the roof for installation of heater with chimney
    • Entrance- and storage section, with access from outside and inner cabin
    • Lightweight

    AED 3,031.88 Price includes VAT

    TENT LES 25 2DZ

    AED 3,031.88 Price includes VAT
  • BleedStop Double 300 Bleeding Wound Trauma First Aid Kit

    [TREATS 2 BLEEDING WOUNDS] Respond to multiple casualties simultaneously with our most comprehensive DOUBLE bleeding wound trauma first aid kit. This active shooter/disaster wound kit includes TWO SOFT-W tourniquets, BloodStopper compress bandages, chest seals, and petroleum gauge pads for torso wounds; QuickClot blood clotting gauze and other bleeding wound supplies.

    AED 1,430.82 Price includes VAT

    The SP Parabag Decontamination Kit was designed in conjunction with the West Midlands Police. The Kit exclusively features the Home Office Remove, Remove, Remove info-graphic, an aide-memoir for treating victims of hazardous and corrosive substances.

    A ready-made kit for dealing with an Acid or Noxious Substance Attack

    AED 879.80 Price includes VAT
  • Carrying harness for Less Stretcher

    Carrying harness for LESS Stretcher – LS 3013

    LESS Developed the Free Hand System (FHS) harness. This allows the stretcher bearers to carry the patient over uneven ground freeing the hands for other tasks. Shifting the load to the larger muscle groups of the body also reduces fatigue and allows the patient to be carried over greater distances.

    • Snap-on hooks are easily attached to the stretcher handles.
    The stretcher carrying height is easily controlled. This makes bearing more comfortable especially over long distances.
    • Individual weight: 400g
    • Carrying harness for LESS Stretcher Materials: PET PP ABS POM PU
    One size fits all
    • Dimensions folded: 40x45cm
    • The hard shell padded vest offers maximum weight distribution.
    • Brightly coloured materials and reflectors give greater visibility.

    AED 474.63 Price includes VAT

    Carrying harness for Less Stretcher

    AED 474.63 Price includes VAT
  • Major Incident Burgen MCI Red (Smart MCI Event Bag)

    The SMART MCI Event Bag is a complete grab bag enabling rapid response with all the resources required to manage a mass casualty event. The perfect MCI Bag for deploying in high-risk locations, such as stadiums and other high-risk venues.


    SMART MCI Event Bag Contents:
    (1) SMART Triage CSS Roll
    (1) SMART Triage Command Roll
    (1) SMART Commander
    (2) SMART TRI Pack


    *The SMART MCI Bag can be rearranged depending on the capabilities required by the user:
    • The CSS Roll and Command Roll can be removed.
    • The 2 pcs. TRI PACKs can be exchanged with 4 pcs. Triage Modules (Item code#: UK-PAC-RD)

    AED 21,633.70 Price includes VAT

    Major Incident Burgen MCI Red (Smart MCI Event Bag)

    AED 21,633.70 Price includes VAT
  • SecurEvac Hi-Visibility Evacuation or Shelter-In-Place ALL-HAZARDS Survival Kit [5-PERSON 3-DAY)

    A Portable emergency survival kit with contents to support 5 people for 3 days after any emergency or disaster. High-visibility marking and flashing safety signal provide quick emergency identification and increased safety in use.

    Weight : 28 Lbs.

    Dimensions :  14” x 18” x 13”



    Special Features : 

    MOBILE — Emergency gear kits are packed in a SecurEvac backpack with padded shoulder straps top carry handle and sternum strap for stability in motion.

    COMPLETE — Each disaster gear kit includes key survival supplies for all the basic needs of 5 people for 3 days.

    VISIBLE — Bags are designed for quick-find emergency identification and high visibility for safety in use: safety orange markings 360° high-visibility reflective safety stripes integrated 3-LED flashing safety signal.

    SECURE — Breakaway tamper-evident closure ties for main compartments keep supplies secure yet accessible in an emergency.

    FLEXIBLE — This kit can be used for evacuation or shelter-in-place according to the specific emergency situation.”

    AED 1,407.67 Price includes VAT
  • LESS STRETCHER with retractable handles

    LESS STRETCHER with retractable handles is a revolutionary lightweight stretcher system designed to transport the patient from the scene of an accident to ambulance to medical imaging. LESS stretchers have multiple frontline applications and are particularly useful for patient evacuation over difficult terrain.
    Stackable and easily portable
    These stretchers are ideal for multiple casualties and major incident planning.

    • Thermal Insulation
    LESS STRETCHER with retractable handles is Lightweight and Portable
    • Radio Translucent

    AED 924.95 Price includes VAT

    LESS STRETCHER with retractable handles

    AED 924.95 Price includes VAT
  • Smart Triage Pac Red (UK-PAC-MIST)

    The SMART Triage Pac gives the ultimate practical solution to effective on scene triage. By holding the key triage equipment, it initiates a systematic and thorough response, allowing for the rapid triage of adults and children at any scene, which has proven invaluable in enhanced control.


    • Smart Triage Pac has compact design for easy storage
    • Contains all you need for rapid effective triage
    • Belt pack leaves your hands free
    • Re-supply packs available
    • Contains 20 SMART Tags, and the SMART Tape
    • Includes light sticks for identifying casualties at night and it will fit over any duty belt


    Smart Triage Pac contents:
    1x Adult Sieve
    20x SMART Tags
    10x Dead Tags
    20x WMD Tags
    5x Light Sticks
    2x Pencils
    1x SMART Tape

    AED 1,504.91 Price includes VAT

    Smart Triage Pac Red (UK-PAC-MIST)

    AED 1,504.91 Price includes VAT
  • MobileAid 50-Person Trauma First Aid Kit

    MobileAid 50-Person Trauma First Aid Kit for Rapid Response to any Medical Emergency.


    This wide-mouth, slim-design medical duffel with its 8 pockets and pouches and interior main compartment organizer, is organized for rapid response and treatment. Extensive First Aid supplies are designed to effectively treat traumatic injuries in an emergency or disaster.


    • COMPACT/COMPREHENSIVE FIRST AID KIT — 257-piece trauma first aid kit that meets OSHA guidelines (ANSI/ISEA Z308.1-2015 Class A, Type II); 22″ x 11″ x 11.5″
    • QUICK-ACCESS ORGANIZATION — extensive first aid supplies organized in quick-response modules for fast access and effective treatment.
    • Bag features 8 pockets and pouches including one main compartment (12″ x 8″ x 11″) with u-shaped zipper access, 2 large zipper compartments, 2 zippered side pockets, 1 front zippered compartment, 2 front pouches with hook and loop closures. D rings and 6-loop bandolier allow attachment of additional gear.
    • EASY GRAB-N-GO TRANSPORT — MobileAid 50-Person Trauma First Aid Kit is Adjustable and removable shoulder strap and top carry handle.

    AED 1,296.54 Price includes VAT

    MobileAid 50-Person Trauma First Aid Kit

    AED 1,296.54 Price includes VAT
  • MobileAid Hi-Visibility XL Incident Command Team Kit

    MobileAid Hi-Visibility XL Incident Command Team Kit (31430)
    A comprehensive emergency incident command kit designed to help a safety leader and staff take charge in any emergency or disaster. This emergency backpack deploys to create an incident command base station with 4 independent grab-and-go incident command pouches with supplies for use by incident commander and safety staff. This kit includes 2-way radios, other critcial emergency response control supplies, trauma first aid supplies, and a megaphone. High capacity, super-rugged ballistic nylon backpack with quick response organization pouches and high visibility emergency markings. 4-Way carry: backpack, shoulder strap, hand straps, ride on MobileAid Stations.

    AED 4,099.10 Price includes VAT
  • Smart CBRNE Tags pack of 1000

    The SMART CBRNE Tag™ works alongside the SMART Tag™ to enable responders to clearly identify those casualties who may have been exposed to contaminants. It provides a format for you to record details of the con  taminating agents (if known), giving those involved in the treatment of the casualty as much information as possible to assist them in that treatment.


    The decontamination panel clearly identifies patients who have been decontaminated and records the details of that process. This assures the receiving facility that the casualty poses no secondary contamination risk. The SMART CBRNE Tag™ is included as standard in the SMART Triage Pack™.


    • Clearly identify contaminated casualties
    • Space for structured recording of contaminates (time allowing)
    • Area for documenting the decontamination process
    • Smart CBRNE Tags pack of 1000 is highly durable, resistant to chemicals and body fluids
    • Will perform throughout decontamination

    AED 5,614.49 Price includes VAT

    Smart CBRNE Tags pack of 1000

    AED 5,614.49 Price includes VAT
  • Smart Triage Tape (Paediatric)

    Smart Triage Tape is the only evidence based system for triaging children

    The SMART Triage Tape is specifically designed to best assess the severity of the injuries to child casualties. It enables the rapid, safe, and precise triage of injured children at a multiple casualty event. With input from world-leading authorities, it helps the rescuer make the correct decision on a child’s triage priority within a multiple casualty scene.


    • Fast and accurate triage for multiple age ranges
    • Physiologically adapted triage flow charts
    • Smart Triage Tape is simple and easy to use
    • Durable weatherproof material

    AED 405.17 Price includes VAT

    Smart Triage Tape (Paediatric)

    AED 405.17 Price includes VAT
  • Parabag Personal Attack Response Kit in Black Pouch

    “Our MD Steve Bray says “”Given the amount of time I spend visiting various capital cities around the world especially London and Europe; I thought it was about time I started to carry a personal med kit with me at all times””.
    Following the recent and terrible terrorist attacks in Paris Brussels Nice Munich Istanbul and New York I have become concerned that if I got caught up in such an attack that I wouldn’t have any kit with me to help the injured. I also had a slightly selfish motive as I might also need some med kit to look after myself if I was one of the injured; after all the military have taught us that ‘self-aid’ is often required in these situations. If I was travelling in my car in the UK then I would almost always have a boot load of equipment to cope with most disasters but if I was travelling on the tube or using an airport then I often have absolutely nothing with me.
    Today I decided to address that and come up with this small med kit that I would be happy to wear on my belt whilst travelling around London whether that was while wearing my business suit going to a meeting or in my jeans and a t-shirt on a day off. I also wanted a small unassuming kit that airport security would be happy for me to carry on to an aeroplane as a passenger without all the alarm bells ringing.

    So I sat down to work out what kit I wanted to carry without it ending up the size of a backpack. I thought I would also try and restrict myself to 10-12 essential items that was a lot harder than I imagined. Well I certainly wanted a few bits of kit to control severe bleeding such as a good heavy duty trauma dressing a tourniquet a haemostatic dressing and something for facial burns. I also thought about a Pocket Mask but decided against one as CPR was probably going to be out of the question in a mass casualty incident. But then I thought about it again and added a simple face shield as I was more likely to come across a cardiac arrest than a terrorist attack. I also thought about some eye wash but left it out for now given the problems that airline security has with liquids. Having said that straight away I’ve run into more ‘airline problems’ as my kit now includes shears a liquid burn dressing and a chemical lightstick. No one said this kit was going to be easy; I guess some items are just going to have to go into my hold luggage if I’m going on an aeroplane but at least I’d still be left with some useful basics on my person.

    I’ve tried desperately to NOT come up with just another small ‘first aid kit’ so no plasters or antiseptic wipes on my list. This kit is purely a few life saving items in order for you to deal with finding yourself involved in a terrorist attack or a mass casualty incident or what the Americans often refer to as an ‘Active Shooter’.

    Here is the list of contents for my suggested kit:

    1 x DR/826 – T6 Trauma Dressing
    1 x IN/921 – CAT Tourniquet – Black
    1 x DR/658 – Celox Rapid Haemostatic Gauze
    1 x BU/023 – Water-Jel Burn Dressing – 10x40cm
    1 x SI/142 – Piranha Tuf Cut Shears
    1 x RE/004 – Size 2 Guedel OP Airway
    1 x RE/011 – CPR Face Shield (Vent Aid)
    2 x DP/138P – Pairs of Non Sterile Nitrile Gloves
    1 x DR/163 – Roll of Transpore Waterproof Tape
    1 x AR/170 – White Chemical LightStick – 8 Hour
    1 x BL/001 – Foil Blanket – Adult Size
    1 x DP/801S – BioMask Face Mask (PPE)
    1 x PE/037 – Safety Specs/Goggles (PPE)
    1 x FA/646TB – Parabag IFAK Belt Pouch in Black

    Once I had decided on my final list of individual items that I wanted to carry I then had to choose a pouch or bag to keep them in. Well as we all know the choice of bags pouches colours shapes and sizes is endless in the SP range. First of all I thought about using one of our bum bags but then decided that this was probably a little too big and not really low-key; although for customers who decide they want to add extra items and need something a little bigger then I would recommend looking at our Parabag Bum Bags. The pouch I chose in the end was our Parabag IFAK Pouch in Black. It can be belt mounted but also easily removed in an emergency. Its black colour is relatively inconspicuous and it doesn’t have any of our usual silver reflective or neon yellow fluorescent markings. It also has some great little pockets and elastic loops inside to help organise and keep everything tidy and secure.”

    AED 1,348.63 Price includes VAT
  • HI-VIS Poncho – Yellow

    “HI-VIS Poncho – Yellow

    Many uses such as identification of staff during a disaster or emergency evacuation in inclement weather. Swimming pool evacuation where the swimmers haven’t got time to get dressed identifying staff at large open air events concerts and festivals.

    Can be printed with your company name subject to quantity

    Product Features:

    • PU coated nylon high visibility raincape
    • Draw string hood and pocket
    • Neon Yellow available in three sizes
    • Neon Orange available in one size (large)
    • Heat sealed seams
    • Conforms to BSEN 471
    • Size: Medium (Adult) 45″” wide 36″” shoulder to hem

    AED 335.72 Price includes VAT

    HI-VIS Poncho – Yellow

    AED 335.72 Price includes VAT
  • Clinell Universal Disinfectant Wipes – Tub Of 100

    “Kills at least 99.99 percent of all germs including MRSA

    Clinell Wipes are an instant sanitising wipe and were designed to provide a simple solution to complex infection control policies.

    They provide a single universal product which can be used to disinfect hands skin hard surfaces and medical instruments.

    Clinical advantages of Clinell Wipes-

    Can be used on ‘dirty hands’ (i.e. soiled hands) unlike alcohol gel rubs which can only be used on ‘physically clean hands’
    Dermatologically tested.
    Unlike other surface wipes currently on the market Clinell Wipes are safe on hands and instruments
    Conforms to prEN12054 EN1276 and EN1500
    Only 5 percent alcohol content means no sore dry hands after multiple use or damage to surfaces over time
    Easily and quickly available from either dispenser or direct from the pack for immediate use
    Quick use in clinics wards or home use for wiping down surfaces handles rims worktops keyboards etc
    Safe for use on stethoscopes blood pressure cuffs and pulse oximeter probes – three instruments rarely cleaned and shown to cause infections (123)
    Safe to use in food preparation areas
    Very high antimicrobial kill count”

    AED 54.41 Price includes VAT
  • iEvac Fire Escape Hood

    The iEvac Fire Escape Hood is the first hood CERTIFIED to the first American Standard for Smoke Escape Hoods – Respiratory Protective Smoke Escape Device (RPED).

    Protects against
    • Carbon Monoxide
    • Additional Toxic Gases: smoke hydrogen cyanide chlorine ammonia sulfur dioxide CS CN hydrogen sulfide and more
    • Harmful Particulates: soot fumes aerosols and others
    o Contains a HEPA P100 filter that removes sub-micron particles such as anthrax smallpox and radioactive particles
    • Life-Threatening Physical Hazards: flammability and radiant heat
    • Maintenance-free
    • At 9.5 in. (240mm) can withstand up to 1700°F (927°C) in radiant heat
    • Twin cartridges for easier breathing
    • Improved field of view than with single cartridge in front
    • iEvac Fire Escape Hood is a clear material resulting in an unobstructed field of view
    • High visibility reflective strips for easy recognition
    • Highest level of protection maintained by silicone neck dam
    • Protects lungs head eyes and face
    • Can be used with eyeglasses beards and long hair
    • Packaged in puncture- and- water-proof laminate barrier
    • Quick and easy donning
    • iEvac Fire Escape Hood is Latex-free
    • One universal size

    AED 1,319.69 Price includes VAT

    iEvac Fire Escape Hood

    AED 1,319.69 Price includes VAT

    A portable emergency survival kit for evacuating up to 30 people or supporting them in place for several hours after an emergency or disaster. Emergency survival backpack with high-visibility markings and LED safety signal provides added safety in use. Portable fold-flat toilet stores in the survival backpack with other survival supplies

    AED 1,433.25 Price includes VAT
  • MobileAid OTS Basic Emergency Response Kit

    A grab-and-go emergency response kit designed to aid response in any emergency or disaster. Packed in an Over-The-Shoulder (OTS) clear-view ballistic nylon pouch this kit includes critical emergency response supplies.

    AED 335.72 Price includes VAT

    MobileAid OTS Basic Emergency Response Kit

    AED 335.72 Price includes VAT
  • Disinfectant spray – 500ml

    A spray for hygienically cleaning and disinfecting soiled areas after an accident.

    • This disinfectant spray with its scientifically proven biocidal formula kills viruses bacteria fungi yeasts and spores it is ‘SkinSafe’ and offers protection for up to 2 hours
    • Use to clean and disinfect any soiled area with hygiene and protection
    • For managing infection control
    • For replacements in fluid and blood disposal kits.

    AED 85.11 Price includes VAT

    Disinfectant spray – 500ml

    AED 85.11 Price includes VAT
  • Easy-Roll Emergency Bag & Frame (Empty – Assembled)

    “Easy-Roll Emergency Bag & Frame (Empty – Assembled)


    An emergency bag that is crush resistant with double wheels integrated seat platform and telescoping handle that retracts for compact storage. It’s empty so you can start from scratch.

    Fill it up to meet your exact needs and get it ready to roll quickly to any emergency or disaster.

    The rolling crush-resistant emergency “roll cage” bag with a unique exo cage frame protects supplies from falling or airborne debris in a disaster.

    Integrated seat and gear comfortable place to sit on a platform that can support up to 300 pounds.

    The aluminum frame is on the outside which provides more packing space and durable protection for your emergency supplies.

    (Supplies sold separately)


    AED 1,210.55 Price includes VAT
  • Haz-tab disinfectant granules – 500g tub

    “For effective disinfection and disposal of blood and blood stained body fluid spillages.

    Highly absorbent disinfectant granules that guard against HIV and and Hepatitis viruses and make blood spills and stains safe.

    The most efficient way to deal with a body fluid spill is to absorb it. Haz-Tab granules efficiently absorbs blood or blood stained body fluid spills
    Ensures the spill can be collected and sent for disposal with maximum protection for the person disposing of the spillage and the soiled area
    Removes the need for mopping up spills with paper towels which spread the spill further drip and are harder to handle particularly if broken glass is present
    Granules absorb the spill safety containing it while releasing chlorine to disinfect it at the same time
    Contains NaDCC (Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate) – a powerful chlorinating agent proven effective against bacteria fungi and viruses
    Recommended by the Department of Health for the disinfection of blood and blood-stained body fluid spills
    Simple and easy to use.”

    AED 87.98 Price includes VAT

    Haz-tab disinfectant granules – 500g tub

    AED 87.98 Price includes VAT
  • Clinell disinfectant spray 500ml

    “Developed by doctors used by professionals.Clinell kills a vast range of germs and bacteria including MRSA Salmonella Influenza (H5N1) Hepatitus B Hepatitus C and Norovirus.

    The disinfectant spray is safe to use in food preparation areas.

    Proven to kill 99.999 percent of germs
    Kills MRSA within 10 seconds
    Stays effective for 72 hours after use.”

    AED 63.67 Price includes VAT

    Clinell disinfectant spray 500ml

    AED 63.67 Price includes VAT
  • Bioguard Disinfectant 5.0 Litre Drum

    “Contains Bioguard – a new generation disinfectant
    Formulated for use in high risk areas
    Non toxic safe and simple to handle
    Effective against bacteria fungi viruses yeasts & moulds
    Available in 500ml trigger spray or 5 litre container
    Ideal for use on surfaces contaminated with body fluids food spoilage grease and sewerage

    Bioguard is virucidal and extremely effective against some difficult to kill viruses such as Hepatitis C.”

    AED 157.44 Price includes VAT

    Bioguard Disinfectant 5.0 Litre Drum

    AED 157.44 Price includes VAT
  • Bioguard disinfectant surface spray 500ml

    “The unique Bioguard Disinfectant Cleaning Solution has been specifically formulated to provide the following benefits:

    High level of disinfection and cleaning
    Wide range of dispensing solutions ensures ease of use and effective coverage of surface
    User friendly. Does not irritate or sensitise the skin
    Can be used on all types of surfaces including hard surfaces fabrics and soft furnishings
    Non toxic biodegradable and non-cumulative
    Food safe
    These Bioguard products kill bacteria in under 30 seconds including Salmonella E-coli and MRSA inactivates viruses in under 2 minutes including Hepatitis B and kills yeast and fungi.
    High performance multi-purpose anti-microbial decontaminant.
    Alcohol free.”

    AED 41.90 Price includes VAT

    Bioguard disinfectant surface spray 500ml

    AED 41.90 Price includes VAT
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