Chest Seal Twin Pack (CR-CS02 &CR-CS03)

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• A comprehensive solution for various chest injuries.
• Advanced adhesive technology ensures an effective and durable seal.
• One-step, user-friendly application for high-stress scenarios.

Superior Protection for Penetrating Chest Injuries
The Chest Seal Twin-Pack is a specialized medical kit designed for immediate response to both entry/exit and multiple penetrating chest injuries. Its dual functionality includes an Occlusive Chest Seal and a vented Chest Seal with 3-channel pressure relief.

Seal the Deal with Enhanced Adhesive
These seals are equipped with advanced adhesive technology to ensure an effective seal, even under less-than-ideal conditions like perspiration or body hair. The transparent backing allows for precise wound targeting, adapting to the unique contours of each casualty.

User-Friendly Application
Each seal comes with large, easily-visible red tabs to facilitate a one-step peel-and-apply process, making it easier for anyone to effectively administer the seal, even under high-pressure situations.

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Chest Seal Twin Pack (CR-CS02 &CR-CS03)

AED 60.64 Price includes VAT

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