• Boa Bag

    “Boa Bag

    Made in SPEN-TEX and expansive integral closed cell polyethylene Boa Bag unites to an essential design and

    exceptionally resistant structure the lightness and insubstantiality of its image. A clever combination of lightness

    and solidity the results of an attentive and meticulous research into the materials; highly buoyant polyethylene and

    SPEN-TEX which apart from being scratch and shockproof is also easy to clean. The versatility of the Boa Bag means

    it can be used not only for rescue operations on water but also as a very protective holder.”

    AED 560.87AED 747.83 Price includes VAT

    Boa Bag

    AED 560.87AED 747.83 Price includes VAT
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