• Biothane Straps: Metal Automotive Buckle – 9’1

    “Biothane Straps: Metal Automotive Buckle – 9’1

    Donway Strap – Metal Automotive Buckle 9’1 piece – suggested use: Backboard/Various

    • Constructed unlike any restraint in the market
    • Available in bright fluorescent Yellow or Orange
    • Customised printing available with your service name
    • Made with Donway belting a webbing that is completely encapsulated with plastic Donway restraints can be completely decontaminated and returned into service within minutes
    • Donway restraints can be easily and quickly decontaminated to 98.97% clean
    • Donway restraints are made using a polyurethane coated polyester webbing and assembled with Radio Frequency welding
    • No needles puncture the coating no exposed fibres anywhere to absorb blood or other body fluids that frequently contaminate other patient restraints
    • Restraints remain flexible even in extreme cold
    • More resistant to abrasion than traditional nylon restraints
    • Donway restraints save money – less straps to replace – less cleaning time and less money spent

    AED 257.00 Price includes VAT
  • Quick Release Tourniquet BABY Strap Colour – Motif

    “Quick Release Tourniquet BABY Strap Colour = Motif

    High Quality Elasticated Tourniquet
    Quick Release Plastic Buckle
    Single Hand Release

    This is a standard elasticated Tourniquet with a quick release buckle”

    AED 44.00 Price includes VAT
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