• Standard Burn kit

    This fully stocked burn and scald treatment first aid kit is a high quality yet low priced basic kit suitable for the home travel and small work places. Co-branded St John Ambulance and Burnshield, this collection contains Burnshield products.


    Comes supplied with fast acting quick relief dressings and solutions to treat, cool, sooth and halt the burning, scalding and blistering process after direct contact with something hot such as fire boiling hot water or steam, radiated heat chemicals, electricity or friction.


    Soft strong carry pouch with clear mesh pockets for easy identification of products and fast access

    AED 127.01 Price includes VAT

    Standard Burn kit

    AED 127.01 Price includes VAT
  • Spectra Burn First Aid System

    For treatment of burn injuries.


    • Attractive, modular system built to ensure first aid compliance.
    • Kits are supplied with security seals
    • Accident book included to ensure regulatory compliance in accident recording
    • Primary kits in any Spectra panel can be released quickly for portable first aid.
    • First Aid guidance is provided in illustrated format to assist in relevant first aid measures

    AED 1,585.54 Price includes VAT

    Spectra Burn First Aid System

    AED 1,585.54 Price includes VAT
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