• Pro Cap Blue


    Pro Cap Blue

    The head is precious and it is a duty to protect it. In particular during the practice of emergency activities where one can never completely

    exclude the risk of injury either directly or from falling objects. We have selected one sole helmet the best regarding mould technology protection

    wearability and in terms of the price-quality relationship. Today we can propose the Pro Cap as a line which answers the specific requests of all activities

    and of all countries trying as always to optimize the level of comfort and lightness because a helmet is more easily worn when it allows you to forget that you

    are even wearing it. It is produced in low-pressure polyethylene injection pressed. The crown characterized by the attractive design of the ribbing guarantees an

    exceptional resistance and resilience with a reduced weight. The adjustable internal border makes it comfortable and safe to wear. Pro Cap offers exceptional resistance

    to impact and penetration at both low and high temperatures and has optimal dielectric properties.”

    AED 34.73AED 46.31 Price includes VAT

    Pro Cap Blue

    AED 34.73AED 46.31 Price includes VAT
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