• S-CAPEPLUS Basic Model

    The S-CAPEPLUS Evacuation Mattress allows you to safely evacuate an immobile person during an emergency.
    It’s incredibly simple to use, which makes this S-CAPEPLUS an effective rescue tool for responders.


    • Leave no one behind during an emergency. This evacuation aid can be used by anyone, it’s fast-in-use.
    • This evacuation mattress can be described in four words: Inexpensive. Simple. Fast. Comfortable.
    • The Evacuation Mat is lightweight and easy to slides and features strong handles.
    • A person is securely wrapped on the mattress using flaps.
    • Thanks to the smooth materials, it glides easily on different floors.
    • The Mat also has a bright and yellow lining, making it easy for emergency responders to spot and identify in an emergency.
    • With the Evacuation Mat, those with reduced mobility can rest easy knowing that they will be safely transported without being left behind in an emergency.
    • Not suitable for steel stairs with perforated treads (tip: S-CAPEPLUS Premium Model is suitable for this kind of stairs).

    Complete size details:
    • Weight of evacuation mattress: 5.5 kg
    • Maximum carrying capacity: 200 kg
    • Size evacuation mattress: 210×60 cm
    • Size evacuation mattress flaps open: 190×285 cm
    • Thickness of evacuation mattress: 7 cm

    This product comes without wall cover.

    AED 2,476.66 Price includes VAT

    S-CAPEPLUS Basic Model

    AED 2,476.66 Price includes VAT
  • Emergency Care Battle Field Dressing/Bandage – Military

    Emergency Care Battle Field Dressing/Bandage – Military

    • Highly absorbent dressing pad 15 x 17.5cm
    • Pressure applying bar
    • Retaining bandage
    • Securing Clip
    • Camouflage coloured pad bandage and packaging
    • Provides immediate direct pressure to the wound
    • Quick and easy for personal or professional application
    • Trauma dressing with heavy duty compression bandage
    AED 84.50 Price includes VAT
  • PAX Paediatric Emergency Case, Cordura, Red

    “PAX Paediatric Emergency Case Cordura Red


    • The PAX Paediatric Emergency Case in PAX-Dura is a robust waterproof case designed for Paediatric emergencies
    • The main compartment contains seven colour coded removable pouches to hold medical materials corresponding to different heights
    • A child’s height is quickly determined with the measuring tape
    • The base has removable dividers to aid organisation
    • The main compartment also features large hoops on one side and a Ampoule Wallet on the other
    • Side pockets contain various hoops and a removable pouch
    • Made from durable PAX-Dura material with reinforced removable bottom
    • Integrated carry handle on the top flap with ‘D’ rings for securing an adjustable shoulder strap
    • Dimensions: 63 x 23 x 24cm
    • Item is supplied unkitted

    AED 2,701.90 Price includes VAT

    PAX Paediatric Emergency Case, Cordura, Red

    AED 2,701.90 Price includes VAT
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