• Matrix mHP Yellow polyurethane

    Matrix mHP Yellow polyurethane

    Matrix a soft and ultra light line of holsters almost in opposition to the material products. Realized with a layer of polythene

    sandwiched between two layers of heat pressed elastic polyester. The result is an object which is soft even though solid

    highly resistant and which offers protection. The technology used allows for simple shapes and very accurate details. Projects

    such as this focus on the designer’s choice of design an attitude to beauty and practicality of a product. The research into possible

    solutions comes not only from the constant dedication of our company but also from a project team accompanied by several external

    specialists. The analysis and study of the requirement of a correct balance between a rational design and an aesthetic sensitivity are

    the base of the Spencer philosophy. Although new the Matrix holsters have already obtained recognition becoming famous for their

    individuality. They are a clear example of the success acceptance and integration of Italian culture and design in all continents.”

    AED 63.32AED 84.43 Price includes VAT

    Matrix mHP Yellow polyurethane

    AED 63.32AED 84.43 Price includes VAT
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