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Turtleskin gloves are the latest development in safety glove technology. Offering the highest performance against punctures cuts and abrasions they remain lightweight and comfortable preserving hand dexterity and sensitivity of touch. Turtleskin® is a patented fabric using an “aramid fibre” woven more tightly than has been achieved before. The result is a thin flexible cut and puncture resistant material which exceeds typical “aramid” gloves.

• Can resist the puncture of a 0.05inch (1.28mm) needle under many pounds of pressure
• Offers nearly 5 times the cut resistance of standard “”aramid”” lined gloves and over 25 times that of leather gloves
• Resists abrasion 11 times longer than leather and over 40 times longer than “”aramid”” knit of equal thickness
• Highest level of comfort dexterity grip and tactile sensitivity
• Excellent puncture resistance to needles
• High level of cut and abrasion resistance
• Features Turtleskin’s® protective lining for extensive sharps protection
• Hand wash and air-dry for extended life
• Suitable for general industrial safety glass wood plastic masonry and metal handling rubbish collection and handling law enforcement

Workwear Plus Gloves from St John Ambulance .Suitable for general industrial safety, glass, wood, plastic, masonry and metal handling, rubbish collection and handling, law enforcement.

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Workwear Plus Gloves

AED 491.99 Price includes VAT

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