• Boa Bag

    “Boa Bag

    Made in SPEN-TEX and expansive integral closed cell polyethylene Boa Bag unites to an essential design and

    exceptionally resistant structure the lightness and insubstantiality of its image. A clever combination of lightness

    and solidity the results of an attentive and meticulous research into the materials; highly buoyant polyethylene and

    SPEN-TEX which apart from being scratch and shockproof is also easy to clean. The versatility of the Boa Bag means

    it can be used not only for rescue operations on water but also as a very protective holder.”

    AED 534.17AED 712.22

    Boa Bag

    AED 534.17AED 712.22
  • Emergency empty bag from Spencer with Logo in English

    We have concentrated on the functionality of the product: a lightweight bag easy to handle and easy to clean. Eliminating the superfluous all you have left is the handiness of the product and the convenience of its price. Made of nylon it has a central compartment where you will find on the inside a premodelled and semi-rigid compartment with three dividers to store a small oxygen tank and other resuscitation devices. The closure of the top flap is fast and safe thanks to the self-adherent strips all around the front border. There are also two side pockets with zipper. The Emergency stands out for the global character of its range: it is available in fact in different languages.

    AED 140.57AED 187.43
  • First Aid Organizer Box – Medium Empty (unlabeled)

    The medium-sized (11 x 7.25 x 2.75) single-piece durable clear plastic organizer box with dual snap-lock lid is designed to store additional emergency supplies such as food water first aid electronics or personal items. To maximize capacity and organization the MobileAid Emergency or First Aid Station bags are designed to fit 4-medium organizer boxes and 1-small organizer box simultaneously.

  • OxyPack 1 for 5 L tank Yellow

    “Oxygen tank carrier design for transport of 5 liters oxygen tanks.

    Oxypack is made in tear proof nylon Ripstop 600 D or easily washable SPEN-TEX. The compartment which contains the tank has an expansive closed cell padding and a robust zipper closure to ensure good protection should the tank itself receive any knocks. On the side of the tank holder a bag has been attached (also with a zipper closure) dedicated to the accessories for the administration of oxygen and a manual resuscitator. The patients undergoing oxygen therapy can be directly connected to the outlet of the pressure regulator which is found on the tank through an anti-crush PVC tube thanks to an opening which connects the tank compartment to the accessory holder. This way during use it will be sufficient to keep the accessory holder open so that greater protection for both the tank and the adaptor is ensured. To facilitate transport Oxypack is equipped with an adjustable shoulder strap. Available for oxygen tanks of 2 and 5 L. The Oxypack 2 L is also available in the version that has a harness for attachment to the edge of the stretcher.

    Specific features
    Easy to clean PVC sheet
    Adjustable shoulder strap to allow easy transport
    Hole between the two compartments to allow access to a
    flowmeter that could be connected to the oxygen tank
    Front pocket with zip closure to store accessories used for
    oxygen administration
    Padded main compartment to protect the content and to
    allow a more comfortable transportation”

    AED 158.76AED 211.68

    OxyPack 1 for 5 L tank Yellow

    AED 158.76AED 211.68
  • Parabg 205 Backpack-TPU Fabric, Green Color

    “High quality Parabag based on our original London 2012 Backpack with one large main compartment one front compartment and oxygen cylinder holder. Heavy duty and designed for everyday use.

    TPU Coated Polyester is lighter than PVC. More durable better tear resistance and better cold-crack resistance than other bags. Wipe clean materials. Infection control friendly. REACH compliant and fully environmentally friendly. Fungus resistant and water resistant. Hi-Visibility reflective markings. Heavy-duty lockable zips.

    Designed in the UK with the CQC in mind. Conforms to ISO 13485.
    Elasticated holding straps. Draw string and strap fastenings for cylinder holder. Main compartment features velcro strips to attach pouches. Main compartment opens up fully for easy access.
    Clear vinyl badge holder for personalisation – identification.
    Rubber feet for increased durability. Ergonomically designed reinforced backstraps. Moulded non-slip rubber handles on top and side. 5 Interior colour coded pouches included.
    Supplied unkitted.
    Dimensions Closed- 59 x 43 x 30cm
    Dimensions- Main Compartment 58 x 40 x 10cm
    Dimensions- Front Compartment 43 x 24 x 11cm
    Dimensions- Cylinder Holder 38 x 13 x 13cm”

  • R SERIES Phial Holder Bsg R3

    R SERIES Phial holder bag R3 is Bag designed for use with Spencer backpacks or bags equipped with fixing straps. It can also be used separately and is ideal for use as phial holder.

    AED 43.82AED 58.43

    R SERIES Phial Holder Bsg R3

    AED 43.82AED 58.43


    A very spacious and compact bag which can also accommodate an oxygen bottle.

    • A large frontal pocket with zip and internal elastic loops
    • Two mesh pockets with zip on internal flap
    • Eight expanding mesh pockets on the back with elastic loops
    • One lateral pocket with zip
    • A large central space which can accommodate a 2 or 5 L oxygen tank with elastic loops and elasticised mesh pockets
    • Two pockets in elasticised mesh with zips inside the upper flap
    • Removable and padded base frontal and internal back parts
    • Adjustable shoulder strap

    AED 711.11AED 948.15
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