• S-CAPEPLUS Inflatable Model

    Several studies have shown that back pain is a serious health issue for paramedics. Frequent lifting and carrying of patients results into high cumulative loads on the back. These facts indicate that patient transport is the major cause for this problem. That’s why ergonomic improvements to transport aids are needed to improve the health and well-being of paramedics. The S-CAPEPLUS Inflatable Model is designed to smoothen the process of a medical evacuation and reduce the physical strain for paramedics. It also provides much more patient comfort compared to vacuum mats or spine boards and prevents the development of pressure ulcers (decubitus) during stabilization. The bottom side of this S-CAPEPLUS is also equipped with the world’s strongest fiber: Dyneema®. The Inflatable Model consists of four different parts: Air Mattress, S-CAPEPLUS Cover, Storage Bag, Feet Board & Dual Action Hand Pump. Head blocks can be attached to the Inflatable Model to stabilize the head and neck.

    Faster Prehospital Evacuation
    Improve Well-Being Of Staff
    Prevents Pressure Ulcers
    Reduce Heavy Lifting
    The World’s Strongest Fiber, Dyneema®

    AED 10,539.90 Price includes VAT

    S-CAPEPLUS Inflatable Model

    AED 10,539.90 Price includes VAT
  • S-CAPEKIDS Evacuation Mat

    Leave no single baby behind during an emergency evacuation.


    The evacuation device consists of four   different compartments. This allows one or two carers to evacuate four babies simultaneously.
    In the case of an evacuation, you can only carry two kids at a time down the stairs and out to mounted to the wall. After positioning the baby onto mattress, you fixate the arms
    and belly. Secondly, you fixate the head with the head blocks. After doing this, you cocoon the baby with the
    flap. Now you can start the evacuation.


    • Speed, Ease-Of-Use & Comfort
    • Fire retardant
    • Can evacuate up and down the stairs
    • Has a wall cover to fixate on the wall

    AED 4,621.68 Price includes VAT

    S-CAPEKIDS Evacuation Mat

    AED 4,621.68 Price includes VAT
  • EvacKRESH

    EvacKRESH Multiple Baby Evacuation System is designed for the rapid emergency evacuation of several infants from a creche facility within a building.


    • Durable hard plastic base to move easily over nearly all types of floor surface.
    • Easy clean Flame Retardant PVC construction with 50mm of 33H foam padding
    • Hi Visibility, soft touch pulling straps.
    • Wipe clean wall mounted storage bag.
    • Quick and simple to deploy in an emergency
    • EvacKRESH Multiple Baby Evacuation System can bear load up to 12 infants, no securing straps.
    • No maximum infant capacity, infant number dependent on infant size and capacity of EvacKRESH compartment

    AED 4,222.58 Price includes VAT


    AED 4,222.58 Price includes VAT
  • S-CAPEPLUS Premium Model

    The S-CAPEPLUS Evacuation Mattress allows you to safely evacuate an immobile or unconscious person during an emergency. The polyester material easily glides over the stairs and various kind of surfaces. The body flaps tightly secure the person on the thick foam mattress, which gives protection on the way out. S-CAPEPLUS requires far less training and there’s no maintenance contract. The S-CAPEPLUS Premium has a similar design to the Basic Model, however, there are some remarkable changes:


    The back side and feet section is created with the world’s strongest fiber, Dyneema®, which is 15x stronger than steel.
    It contains head blocks to fixate the head and a card board at the feet end to stabilise the weight.

    AED 3,960.18 Price includes VAT

    S-CAPEPLUS Premium Model

    AED 3,960.18 Price includes VAT
  • S-CAPEPLUS Basic Model

    The S-CAPEPLUS Evacuation Mattress allows you to safely evacuate an immobile person during an emergency.
    It’s incredibly simple to use, which makes this S-CAPEPLUS an effective rescue tool for responders.


    • Leave no one behind during an emergency. This evacuation aid can be used by anyone, it’s fast-in-use.
    • This evacuation mattress can be described in four words: Inexpensive. Simple. Fast. Comfortable.
    • The Evacuation Mat is lightweight and easy to slides and features strong handles.
    • A person is securely wrapped on the mattress using flaps.
    • Thanks to the smooth materials, it glides easily on different floors.
    • The Mat also has a bright and yellow lining, making it easy for emergency responders to spot and identify in an emergency.
    • With the Evacuation Mat, those with reduced mobility can rest easy knowing that they will be safely transported without being left behind in an emergency.
    • Not suitable for steel stairs with perforated treads (tip: S-CAPEPLUS Premium Model is suitable for this kind of stairs).

    Complete size details:
    • Weight of evacuation mattress: 5.5 kg
    • Maximum carrying capacity: 200 kg
    • Size evacuation mattress: 210×60 cm
    • Size evacuation mattress flaps open: 190×285 cm
    • Thickness of evacuation mattress: 7 cm

    This product comes without wall cover.

    AED 2,476.66 Price includes VAT

    S-CAPEPLUS Basic Model

    AED 2,476.66 Price includes VAT
  • S-CAPEPOD Evacuation Sheet – Budget Model

    This is the low-cost version of the S-CAPEPOD range. The Budget Model is permanently placed underneath the bed mattress. For this Model, a strap system is used to fixate the patient to its mattress.


    • The double sided hook and loop on the cross strap system allows quick and firm fixation.
    • Strong Hook & Loop Fasteners
    • The cross straps are stored into tunnels to ensure that they cannot hang loose and get stuck in the bedframe.
    • With this model, you can also evacuate down a flight of stairs.
    • Low Investment
    • Special Tunnels Keep The Straps In The Right Position


    Once the patient is fixated to the bed mattress, you can release the long pulling straps at the head and/or feet side. After turning the patient 90 degrees on the bedframe, you pull the mattress towards you and lower until the entire mattress is on the ground. You can now move to a safety zone.

    AED 619.16 Price includes VAT

    S-CAPEPOD Evacuation Sheet – Budget Model

    AED 619.16 Price includes VAT
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