S-CAPEPLUS Inflatable Model

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Several studies have shown that back pain is a serious health issue for paramedics. Frequent lifting and carrying of patients results into high cumulative loads on the back. These facts indicate that patient transport is the major cause for this problem. That’s why ergonomic improvements to transport aids are needed to improve the health and well-being of paramedics. The S-CAPEPLUS Inflatable Model is designed to smoothen the process of a medical evacuation and reduce the physical strain for paramedics. It also provides much more patient comfort compared to vacuum mats or spine boards and prevents the development of pressure ulcers (decubitus) during stabilization. The bottom side of this S-CAPEPLUS is also equipped with the world’s strongest fiber: Dyneema®. The Inflatable Model consists of four different parts: Air Mattress, S-CAPEPLUS Cover, Storage Bag, Feet Board & Dual Action Hand Pump. Head blocks can be attached to the Inflatable Model to stabilize the head and neck.

Faster Prehospital Evacuation
Improve Well-Being Of Staff
Prevents Pressure Ulcers
Reduce Heavy Lifting
The World’s Strongest Fiber, Dyneema®

Material cover: Polyester & Dyneema®
Size: 210x60x7 cm
Weight Capacity: 250 kg
Fire retardancy cover: EN597-2
Air Mattress type: PU coated nylon
Number of side handles: 4 on each longitudinal side
Number of users needed: 1 – 4 users

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S-CAPEPLUS Inflatable Model

AED 10,539.90 Price includes VAT

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