• Foil Blanket – Child

    A disposable, ultra-insulating emergency blanket. Both sides have a heat-reflective metallic surface that will retain over 90% of body heat. As well as retaining most radiated body heat, it will also protect against wind and rain. Ideal for treating or preventing hypothermia.


    • Disposable, ultra-insulating blanket.
    • Heat-reflective metallic surfaces.
    • Also protects against wind and rain.
    • Helps treat or prevent hypothermia.
    • Available for adult and child.

    AED 5.19 Price includes VAT

    Foil Blanket – Child

    AED 5.19 Price includes VAT
  • Thermal hood

    The Less Thermal Hood insulates the patients head from critical heat loss. Its innovative design allows the hood to be fitted without the need for potentially hazardous movements of the neck or head. The Thermal hood is made from bubble plastic which also offers some protection against wind, rain, dust, snow etc.
    The transparent material offers visual contact with the patients head.

    AED 63.40 Price includes VAT

    Thermal hood

    AED 63.40 Price includes VAT
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