• SAR Evac Body Rescue Splint – Emergency Rescue Stretcher

    “SAR Evac Body Rescue Splint – Emergency Rescue Stretcher

    The SAR Evac Body Splint Stretcher provides excellent clinical immobility during rescue and extrication offering great protection to the casualty and compact enough to enable rescue from confined spaces.

    An integral body harness made from 25mm web with crutch padding and adjustable foot support with padding for extra security and to stop body slip while all the main casualty securing cross straps are of 50mm webbing with adjustable two piece clip buckles.

    The SAR Evac has a width of 68cm across both the shoulder and hip areas and is 205 cm long giving more security and protection to the casualty.

    • Six horizontal lifting loops (three down each side positioned along the main trunk / torso of the casualty)
    • The two main vertical lifting loops are positioned at the shoulder ensuring a true vertical lifting position for the casualty
    • Head strap has two fitting systems to provide firm head restraint
    • The head section can be formed into a cone to disperse debris when dragging through confined spaces
    • The strap holding the stretcher in its rolled position has a fitted pad and can be used for a head restraint by threading it around the outer loops on the coned area
    • Extra thick lower outer skin to make it more abrasion resistant
    • Lightweight upper skin material to keep the overall stretcher weight down
    • The lower outer material is orange and made from flame retardant heavy duty PVC reinforced nylon. The Inner and bag are made from standard PVC reinforced nylon
    • It can also be used as a lifting mat without the use of the straps allowing two people to transfer a casualty from one flat area to another keeping the casualty in a horizontal position

    Packed size including bag: 75 x 30cm
    Weight: Stretcher: 5.6kg.”

    AED 4,596.32 Price includes VAT
  • STX 518:Two piece universal Buoyant

    STX 518: Universal Floatation System for basket Stretcher.

    Easy to apply. A must for water rescue and to assure patients in a vertical position. Made of high density polyethylene

    covered in SPEN-TEX or strong vinyl coated nylon material. The belts used for the fastening to the basket are made of

    non-rotting polypropylene attached with treble seaming to the material of the cover. The locking system and buckles are

    made of nylon 6 that guarantees performance and durability even in extreme weather and environmental conditions.

    Some flotation systems are characterized by a reflective band that improves safety and eases locating in conditions of low visibility.

    Specific features
    Fastened by means of 3 quick release buckles
    PVC removable coating for easier cleaning and drying
    Technical data
    One float size: ø150×1020 ±10 mm
    Buoyancy force
    couple of floats completely submerged: 300 N
    Materials: PE PVC Nylon
    Weight: 22 ± 01 kg


    AED 1,345.74AED 1,794.32 Price includes VAT

    STX 518:Two piece universal Buoyant

    AED 1,345.74AED 1,794.32 Price includes VAT
  • STX 580

    Nylon 50 mm [1.96 in] strap. Aluminium buckle. Distal slipknot. Used for auto-loading and basket stretchers.

    AED 147.60AED 196.80 Price includes VAT

    STX 580

    AED 147.60AED 196.80 Price includes VAT
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