All Purpose Shear S-CUT 601

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S-CUT – A tool you can trust every time!


S-CUT is an all purpose shear and emergency cutting tool that can quickly remove clothes, boots, seat belt straps, and other tough materials to start lifesaving measures. Compared with scissors and knives the S-CUT’s ensures safety of the user and the patient despite its extreme cutting ability and speed.


  • As 701 but completed with a extendable blade for making hole to start the cutting. Medical device with high demands on precision and performance
  • The 501, 601 and 701 models are intended for medical use and therefor CE-marked. Ambulance- and rescue teams all over the world are using them
  • Originally designed for emergency- ambulance- and rescue teams. S-CUT has now found a place within police- and military correctional- and decontamination personnel
  • Unlike scissors and knives, it cuts in one glide and its design ensures no risk of tearing the users skin or the patient’s skin



Length 18 cm
Weight 170 g
Anodized machine milled aluminum

With or without gloves
S-CUT is as easy to use even if you are wearing heavy gloves.

Left- or righthanded
Designed for ergonomics and optimum grip. As easy to use even if you are right- or lefthanded.

Saves precious time
S-CUT helps you to immediately get access to do life saving efforts. Precious time is saved in every trauma situation.

Safe for you and your patient
S-CUT is designed to protect yourself as well as the patient from injury. Can´t be used as a weapon if someone takes it from you.

Requires little to no education
Since it is easy to operate, you can start using your S-CUT immediately after reading the instructions

Works in all weather and temperatures
Your S-CUT works as good in a hot desert as in an arctic environment. It is neither sensitive to heat, cold or humidity.

Easy to clean and maintain
The cutting blade can be removed without use of any tool and your S-CUT is also very easy to disassemble for cleaning.

You don’t have to be strong
The S-CUT tool is designed to be used by all kind of medical rescue staff or first responder, in spite of individual strength. You can cut towards or away from yourself.

Cuts through
• Combat vests
• Motorcycle suits
• Diving suits
• Several layers of fabric
• Wet or/and oily materials

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All Purpose Shear S-CUT 601

AED 1,155.32 Price includes VAT

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