Brayden Junior Conversion Kit

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Turn a Brayden Adult into a Brayden Junior Conversion Kit within seconds.


2 SIMPLE STEPS TO CONVERT TO Brayden Junior Conversion Kit:
1. Change the adult spring to the junior spring.
2. Replace the body and face skin with the junior skin.


Purchasing different manikins is not required. You can use the same manikin for different age groups.
Visual distinction between adult and child.
Conforming to both American Heart Association (AHA) and European Resuscitation Council (ERC) guidelines.

The Brayden Junior Conversion Kit is a cost-effective and practical solution which makes it easy to convert a Brayden Adult Manikin to a Brayden Junior manikin. This means that only one manikin required for both adult and children BLS training

• Easy to convert
• Brayden Junior Conversion Kit is Cost-efficient
• Anatomically correct
• AHA and ERC compliant
• No need for any other device (phone/tablet) so training is convenient, quick and easy to set up and assess
• Use the Conversion Kit on the Brayden Adult Manikin Advanced/Basic model
• Less storage and weight to carry
• Brayden Junior is anatomically correct for a 10-12 year old
• Excellent for Paediatric BLS instruction
• Chest compression compliance and ventilation
• Brayden Junior Conversion Kit accurately reflects a child of 10-12 years old
• Intuitive feedback lights on Brayden Junior work the same way as on Brayden Adult
• Makes training easy and consistent and ensures good quality CPR


Qty. Item
1 Junior spring
1 Junior face skin
1 Junior chest skin
2 Spring adaptors
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Brayden Junior Conversion Kit

Brayden Junior Conversion Kit

AED 592.70 Price includes VAT

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