Glucogel –Oral Glucose Gel –Box of 3 x 25G Tubes

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  • Single dose glutose 15 provides a rapid increase in blood sugar concentration. Each tube contains 15 grams of glucose and has a net weight of 37.5 grams.
  • Works Fast- Glutose 15 is oral glutose gel containing 40percent dextrose (cl-glucose) the kind of sugar your body most readily absorbs. Other kinds of sugar found in candy and commercial food products may take longer to work because it take time for them to break down in your digestive system.
  • Pre-Measured- All the counting and measuring is done for you. One dose of Glutose 15 equals 15 grams of glucose.
  • Easy To Use- The twist-off tip is easy to open in an emergency. Just squeeze the tube and Glutose 15 flows into your mouth. Glutose 15 is a gel – so it’s easier to swallow than tablets.
  • No Mess- Glutose 15 won’t burst in your pocket or purse like foil packets can. The directional tip places Glutose 15 in your mouth. It won’t end up on your hands or face and won’t cause cuts or abrasions
  • Agreeable Taste- Glutose 15 has a sweet lemon flavour and contains no artificial colours

Glucogel (formerly known as Hypostop) raises sugar levels quickly and provides a fast acting energy boost in the form of Dextrose Gel (40% dextrose). Each tube contains 10g of fast acting glucose.

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Glucogel –Oral Glucose Gel –Box of 3 x 25G Tubes

AED 141.75

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