Triple-ankle, grey (Large)R

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Triple-compression Ankle Stabilizer provides moderate to strong circumferential compression and extra targeted support to the ankle joint while maintaining mobility and flexibility. Suitable for sports performances and for those who are suffering from ankle pain, or discomfort.

–Patented three-layer compression pattern sandwiches built-in Power-Band compression tapings. 
–Power-Band compression strap provides adjustable pressure and support to relieve pain related to an ankle sprain and strain. 
–Power-Mesh material gives a unique look, breathability, and restrained compression to the overall ankle joint.
–3D cutting makes the sleeve comfortable to wear.
-Provides ankle joint support/stability with enough freedom of movement.
-Aids in high performance and rapid recovery.
-Decrease ankle pain symptoms.
-Easy to slip on and off
-Fit discreetly under clothing.
-Sun protection UPF 50+

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TOP LAYER: Elastic Power-Mesh material provides breathable and restrained compression to the overall ankle support. Also gives a unique look to the ankle sleeve.

MIDDLE LAYER: Power-Band taping, which is made from a very elastic and unique silicone formula, provides ankle joint with extra targeted compression and support. Provides tendons and ligament surrounding the ankle joint with proprioception input during movement. The adjustable strap provides customized comfort and support to the ankle joint and Achilles tendon. Power-Band taping and the adjustable strap work together to support the main lateral ankle ligament and prevent ankle sprain. 

BOTTOM LAYER: Elastic fabric that provides gentle and fundamental compression to the thigh while its soft wicking material gives all-day comfort.

Product Material:

Fabric – Nylon 80%, Spandex 20%

Taping – 100% Silicone

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Triple-ankle, grey (Large)R

AED 67.25 Price includes VAT

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